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Dear Folksy staff

Please will you consider adding variations to listing? For non OOAK shops like mine it would be so much easier. That is all


You’re not the only one - my pendants might be one offs but I’m happy to offer options on the length of chain that comes with it but no not possible here. We have been asking for a while and you can add your voice to our plea at

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Thanks Sasha, I’ve added 3 votes. It really does stop me listing here & leaves me wondering whether its worth renewing my plus account :frowning:

The last I heard (and it might still be a way off) was that they were going to introduce simple variations - it would allow people to choose a colour or scent from a drop down menu but all at the same price - which I guess would help you out a lot. Maybe Camilla @folksycontent can comment on progress at some point next week.

The plus account is only worth having if you are going to list/ relist over 250 items a year (or approx 20 per month) that’s a lot of soap but I guess it depends how many bars you make in a batch.

(don’t suppose you do a leave in beard balm/ conditioner do you? The OH has grown one and I need convincing - maybe if it was softer I’d like it more. He claims he conditions it when he washes his hair but it needs more than that)

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A simple variation would be a very positive start, I use those more than price variations on the dark side :slight_smile:

I keep meaning to do a beard oil but I’m stuck on who to test it on, fortunately I have no beard myself & there are none present in my family & friends group. I wonder if your OH would like to be a guinea pig for me?

I’m happy to volunteer the OH’s beard (and lets face it my face as I’m fed up of being exfoliated everytime I kiss him but I don’t want a greasy visage from his beard balm either) to test any beard oil you may wish to develop. I’m sure he and I can recruit additional guinea pigs for any beta testing - he has a beardy work place.

Marvellous, thank you! I will be in touch for your address once I have concocted something :)x

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I’ve added three votes for this feature. There are so many more options for things I could sell on Folksy if variations were available.

Of all the potential changes to the way Folksy works I think this should be top priority. It would benefit so many sellers … and Folksy too, in the long run.

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Yes, me too.
I use variations all the time on E**y and would love to offer Folksy customers the same choices.
I offer different length chains with my pendants or no chain at all - no chain is really popular.
Hopefully Folksy will take this on board :grinning:

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Any developments on this please people at Folksy?

I would love to offer jewellery with or without a gift box…

It’s definitely something we’d like to offer, Louise. Offering variations with different prices is really complicated so that’s unlikely to happen any time soon unfortunately, but we’re looking at ways to introduce simple variations.


Brilliant. Its more important for me to offer scent as a variation over anything else. I look forward to it.