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Variations on Listings

Can we use variations on our listings? I cannot seem to list an item in a single, pack of 5, pack of 10 etc. with a different price for each variation?

Also I make a lot of personalised stuff - is there not a drop down box to select which initial is required?

If anyone can help I’d be grateful :wink:

Mandy x

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I think this would be appreciated by lots of sellers - I personally would like to offer different lenths or colours for my jewellery. I know it’s been asked for before - perhaps this time :wink:

variations would be very popular with a lot of sellers but we don’t have them yet. I have heard rumours that simple variations (where they are all at the same price but I guess that would be useful to you for the initials) are in the works but no time line has been indicated.

Maybe if we’re really, really good Santa will bring us variations for (next) Christmas!


I’ve put it on my Christmas list Melanie :wink:


I’m glad this topic has come up again. It is really useful for buyers searching our shops if they can just click a drop-down menu for alternative colours of an item rather than trawling through looking for their favourite colour and just wandering off if they don’t find it. It’s one of those “well known facts,” that may or may not be true, that people don’t like to search too far beyond the first page and give up looking quite easily.

Sam x

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I’m so pleased this thread is already here. I’ve been searching for the drop-down menu to add variations - for example I want to offer gift boxes which then hoik the postage price up so needs to be a different price. Also colour options etc. So it appears that Folksy isn’t set up for this . Hugely annoying!

Yeap, same here, I just stumbled when trying to put my Christmas decos up for sale. I would love to have a drop down menu with variations. I, as I imagine, many other maker cannot possibly list each and every little item that is batch produced. In my case, for the standing trees alone, I would have to list 50 listings individually. Please add variations asap.

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