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Variations not showing up on listing

Hi all! I,m new to folksy. I hope you can help me. I have so far uploaded one listing (still got more photos to add) and I was working on my second one. I added all my variations there’s quite a few as its a create your own product like my first listing. But this time when I went to preview it didn’t have the 20 variations available under the initial price. Some of the variations I priced at 0.50 do you think that could be the problem? Even though it said it saved? But is not showing up? Any help would be appreciated. It took hours to figure out this listings variations. (In between kid wrangling). Definitely need to sort this out as I have a lot more create your own products to list ( tutus, jewellery, embellished mirrors, embroidered patches etc…)

Hi Danielle. The variations are there when I look at the listing. You need to click the ‘choose options’ buttons to see them. I think it would be worth having extra images that show the different embellishment options, colours and finishes as well as examples, and making sure your images are really good. Ideally your first image should be a brilliant image in a square format, with the entire product visible and nicely styled.

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Hi there, cool! Thankyou for looking. Yes I have lots more images to add. With the examples of previous work they are the only images I have unfortunately. But I will be making a couple more samples to photograph. Thanks again (0: