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Discount at Fred Aldous? Why not promote seller on Folksy!

(Jennifer Gilmour) #1

Good Morning. I never post complaints on here, but this time I was compelled to. I saw the “25 percent of craft supplies” and click on it expecting to see a list of sellers on Folksy that had signed up to some kind of group coupon… but, no. It was a coupon for Fred Aldous. Don’t get me wrong, I love their shop and buy supplies from them myself, but is Folksy promoting them? Like all the other suppliers on here, I spend ages creating listings and pay maintaining my shop. I pay my yearly dues and all the other fees associated with my shop, so why are steering people to buy from a larger business that doesn’t have to do all the time consuming shop duties? This is just unfair.

(Christine E.) #2

Folksy first promoted the Fred Aldous offer years ago and I happily signed up to it, got my big discount and have been enjoying my 10% discount ever since! I have been using Fred Aldous since before the internet when you had a catalogue and posted off an order form. I’ve never regarded it as a promotion, just an advantage to me! Not entirely sure what the problem is…

(Christine E.) #3

Sorry, just noticed that you sell supplies, which may make my remarks irrelevant…

(Jennifer Gilmour) #4

I have no issue with Fred Aldous as a store. I shop their as well. Folksy sells commercial supplies, so why is it sending people to a shop that isn’t on Folksy? It would be like posting coupons to Accessorize instead of the shops that sell similar items. That is my complaint.

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

It’s an offer for only folksy sellers to get supplies cheaper but I can understand why that would annoy those of us who sell crafting supplies on folksy.

But do we want to offer our supplies at a discounted price? And the offer is not for Folksy buyers only Folksy sellers. So no reason why a Folky supply seller can’t use that discount to buy supplies and then sell the on folksy.

Ie we Folksy seller gets supplies nearer to wholesale prices then sell those supplies on Folksy making a profit.

(Jennifer Gilmour) #6

I see your point. I think it would be better to contact members who sale supplies and allow us to sign up to participate in a Folksy wide discount code. I would do that happily. I realize I could offer a discount code as well, but would it be on the front page like the Fred Aldous discount? I think not.

(Christine E.) #7

I don’t think any seller of supplies on Folksy sells the wide range that Fred Aldous does.

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(Jennifer Gilmour) #8

You’re right, but what’s next? Abakhan? Hobbycraft?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

Where are you seeing it on the front page of Folksy I don’t see it . I only see it in my dashboard. :confused:

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(Sue) #10

I think the poor people at Folksy would be in tears sometimes if they read these threads, there they are trying to help us, and there’s always someone who thinks it’s a bad idea, I have a feeling lots of sellers think they sit around on their backsides all day whilst the money keeps rolling in, but I bet like a lot of us they’re working away like beavers trying to make the company successful.
I have been working for years in crafts, and I’m always trying to source cheaper products to make my finished articles a more sellable price. Unlike resellers of goods, I have to do all this, then turn them into something people want to buy, and then photograph them beautifully before listing them and finally trying to promote them by whatever means I can! Yes, I used Fred Aldous when they had catalogues, although I haven’t taken advantage of it yet I have made full use of the moo offer and been very grateful that I didn’t have to pay the full price.
So stop moaning and start promoting Folksy, we’re all in this together!

(Jennifer Gilmour) #11

Well, Sue. You are welcome to your opinion. This is a forum and a place to express our feelings about the way Folksy is run, as well as other topics. I have been on Folksy since 2009 and this is my first moan. If you don’t sell supplies, than maybe you can’t appreciate my side of the argument. I started out as a seller of goods, and I can tell you that I spend more time on my business than when I sold handmade items. I can not take on board that you work harder than I do, which is what you seem to be saying.

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(Liz Clark) #12

Perhaps contacting admin privately and putting concerns across may help? Perhaps then a solution could be found. Admin aren’t always on the boards, so contacting them direct with concerns may be the best way forward.

(Marg) #13

On a positive note Jennifer @StitchMeLane, you shop has some lovely designer fabric and the designs are really up-to-date. Your prices are very reasonable, and your postage is cheaper than I would normally pay, so don’t worry about the large shops. Just keep doing what you are doing. Good luck. Marg.

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(Jennifer Gilmour) #14

That is so kind. Thank you. I appreciate it. xx

(Eileens Craft Studio) #15

Jennifer @StitchMeLane why not take up the offer and contact Fred Aldous via Folky and see what wholesale prices you can get from them as a Folksy seller then list the items in your shop if they cann offer you a great deal and bring you a bigger profit margin?

(Jennifer Gilmour) #16

Good advise. Thanks!