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Discount codes for selected items

(iamHayley) #1

I’ve had a hunt around but cant find anything regarding this exact topic, so wonder if anyone can help.

I’m wanting to have a little discount code running, but can this be on certain items only?

I offer custom pet portraits, and I’m not happy to discount their prices, as they really are very close to cost to begin.

Can I simply state the code is not valid on custom items? (I would also include this within the custom item description)

Thanks for any help!

(Roz) #2

There is no way to discount certain items, you have to apply the discount to your whole shop. Personally I wouldn’t put up a discount and then state the code isn’t available on certain items as some people either don’t read or choose to ignore it. It would be better just to either change the price of the items you want to discount or say you will give a refund if a certain code is used.

(Leslie Morton) #3

Roz is 100% correct. I am having a sale on one item only and did as she suggested - reduced the price and put in the title it was a “special offer”.

Hope this helps.


(iamHayley) #4

Thanks, Its every item, apart from one I wanted to offer a discount on to past customers, may have to have a rethink - Thanks again!

(Roz) #5

I guess you could always increase the price of the item you don’t want to discount so when the discount is applied it goes to the right price! That way you could offer a discount across your shop.

(iamHayley) #6

You Roz, are a genius! x