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Using discount code for particular items

(Suzanne Francis) #1

I want to advertise a discount code for all my jewellery items (not my sea glass beads) I know you can’t pick and choose specific items , but I have noticed on the dark side that they put a message at the top of their shop saying what the discount code is for. So I would put Jewellery15 - and a short message at top of my shop saying only for jewellery. I know that someone could just type it in buying sea glass beads - but surely if you say it’s only for jewellery - they would think it wouldn’t work for the beads. Anyway has anyone else tried this way - and has it caused any confusion.
Like I said they seem to do it a lot on E*SY.


Suzanne :o)

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #2

Hi Suzanne.
I’m pretty sure if you make a discount code it’s for all your items.
Hope this helps
Take care dawn

(Suzanne Francis) #3

So its not like Et8y where you have to type a discount code in on particular items - I don’t understand why Folksy would have a code, you could just put in the discount , and create - no real need for a code…hmmm. just don’t see the point in the actual code - if it all automatically comes off anyway. Could be a bit more specific - nevermind. Guess I 'll just have to do it for the whole shop - too much hassle editing each jewellery item manually. Thanks for your help @hobbitgirlie1880

Suzanne :o)

(Sasha Garrett) #4

The reason for the code is so that you can offer different codes to different people eg you could create and mail out a code with all purchases as a thank you and then have a different code (with a different value and expiry date) as a promotion to tempt more people to shop. You can also advertise different codes via different sources eg facebook and twitter to find out which creates more sales. The system isn’t currently advanced enough to allow us to offer codes for specific items in the same way we can’t currently offer variations on items within the listing (like on Et*y where you can have chain length options), hopefully in time this will change. If you really don’t want to offer a discount on the beads ‘hide’ them for the duration of the promotion.

(Suzanne Francis) #5

ah now I get it! (im a bit of a numpty sometimes!) that makes sense to me now, thank you very much for explaining it to me. And I didn’t think of hiding my beads until the discount ends, I might just try it , good idea. Thanks again :smile:

Suzanne :o)