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Do you have a good business tool or resources to share?

I’m always reading blogs, especially social media blogs looking for good business tools to make running my business easier and make me more efficient.
I thought it might be a nice idea to share what has worked for us, what tools have you used that you have found useful?
My first really useful tool is a website called Canva. It is a great design website offering a mix of free and paid elements. It has helped me to improve the quality of my graphics for social media and website.
My favourite app is pocket. I like pocket because I can store and organise links to websites in one place. I used to bookmark my searches but they didn’t sync across all devices. Pocket lets you tag what you add so if it is a tutorial or a resource or something you want to share you can organise things quickly.
My third resource is IFTTT. This is an amazing resource, you can create recipes to automate loads of tasks. I use it to ensure I thank followers on Twitter, there is so many combinations I’m still discovering new things.
I hope you find these useful, I would love to know what has worked for you.

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Great tips Stevie, I especially love the app for ideas. I either don’t write them down and forget them or they are scribbled on bits of paper, getting a dedicated app just for ideas sounds good.

I would have to say membership of the Federation of Small Businesses.

Not only do they lobby government to keep the red tape for us little people to a minimum, they also have a huge number of member benefits. My personal favourite is the free business bank account, but take a look and see what you could use:

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This is a great tip, it isn’t something I’ve come across before so will definitely be taking a look.

I am attending a silversmith course, the benches are set up with a large piece of leather to stop bit dropping on the floor. I was really impressed with this as I am always dropping beads etc so I came home and put two hooks under my desk onto which I fasten my apron - a perfect way to catch beads I drop but a devil of a thing to undo when the phone rings and I need to get up in a rush .


Rachel @Glehcar - I have visions of you rushing out of the room dragging your table behind you! A bit like the scene in Marley and me, where they anchored his lead under the table leg, if you ever saw it.

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This isn’t a specific business tool but many libraries have a subscription to PressReader. It gives you access to hundreds of magazines from all over the world, without costing a single penny. There are tons of crafty magazines including quilting, cross stitch, crochet and knitting, as well as general interest magazines and newspapers.
There’s an app or you can use the web version. When you’re on the log in page there’s an option to use your library card.