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Do you name your craft machinery or tools?

Yesterday I thought up a name for my Janome sewing machine, Janis Poplin. I know its a bad pun but I couldn’t resist.

Just for fun I wondered if other people have names for craft tools they use in their work?


No, but I’m currently bidding on an Ebay sewing machine called Sophie :slight_smile:

Janis Poplin, that’s brilliant.

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My Janome is called Jenny…amongst other things :joy:

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My guitar’s all have names so have all my cars.

I will have to think about names for my different Singer Sewing Machines.

My old printer I call ‘poor old C62’ , not sure quite how long he’ll keep going though. :slight_smile:

My linocuts are all based on real animals so I call them by their names. Yesterday I printed some Amiras… and whenever I print an Ozzie (the springer spaniel puppy) I tell him he’s going for a bath after. I’m probably crazy.!

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My mums sewing machine was called Pearl , she was a Singer (showing our age)

I don’t name my tools, but I always say Hello Shed when I enter my workshop.