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Which piece of crafting equipment are you longing for?

For me, it is a pair of hand wool carders…I use dog brushes but I’m lusting after a pair of the real thing…What is your crafty heart’s desire?

Jane x

A sandblaster :wink: Nothing small!


I’d need an extension as well!

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New printing press with a large printing area please!

Also on the wish list is a fine art printer capable of producing archival quality prints.

Ooh…and a A1 plan chest…yes, know that’s a list :wink:


Would proper carders make a huge difference? I use dog brushes too and have never really considered getting the real thing.
There are so many things I would like but have just bought myself a new sewing machine so better hold off on anything else for now!

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I would like an overlocker, can’t persuade hubby to buy me one.


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Many things but the latest is wavy cutting scissors for copper tape. I culd buy the tape already wavy but thought i could cut the tape I already have and would cost about £10 less to buy the scisors.

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As I am now making a lot more clothes, I want one of those adjustable mannequins so I won’t have to keep dressing and undressing to try things on for fit. It would have to be VERY adjustable as I seem to be changing shape rapidly these days!

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I would like to buy a small sewing machine. I’ve seen those cute ones in beautiful colors in a shop. I would not get into sewing but I would just like to do a few small things for my work.

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I have a long list :smiley: i wanted a pasta machine for my clay and my lovely Mum bought me one last week. It’s safe to say ima happy girl but there is always more :slight_smile: i really want to get into sewing and making my own clothes so a sewing machine and mannequin are next on my list :slight_smile:

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I have been saving for a Paragon Kiln that will be capable of enamelling, smelting and precious clay work, Oh and a shed - nice new and shiny (without spiders) with a top noth jewellers bench and all the tools (not much then)

Jacqueline x

@MissDaniCrafts I love the idea of a pasta machine for clay! I have been looking at metal rollers to add texture to sheet silver and copper but they are £100’s. A pasta machine might do just as well. Thanks for sharing that one!

Jacqueline x

My absolute wish list is a Bernina series 7 quilting machine - it is only £2,600 !!! I had admired it on line, but made the mistake of a trial at a recent exhibition - the chap tried to persuade me by offering £200 discount if I placed the order there and then, and paid it off in one month…ah well…a girl can dream (To be fair, I do own a fabulous 40 year old Bernina 1010, which I would never swap)

A soap cutting machine it would save me hours and the soap might be a little staighter;)

I would like some sort of gadget to cut alphabet letters so I can customise my makes. Marg. x

since I started working with metals, (literally just weeks ago!) im longing for a rolling mill, but they are soooo expensive, it’s not in my budget at the moment :cry: … dream on

A pasta machine is unlikely to give you the pressure needed to texture metal, even with a rolling mill and annealed metal it takes a bit of welly. You can use a Sizzix Big Shot, they do some special metal texturing dies to use with it as a cheaper alternative.

ooh thanks for the tip, I’ll have a look. I used a big rolling mill at that course, it did take some pressure to get an impression, but it came out really nice. I’ll prob look into etching as that will give me some great textures too :o)

Thanks - der I never thought of that. Could be good for the soft clay though.


Happy to say I bought wavy scissors at a supermarket for 50p, but would really love the already wavy copper foild tape. Also would really love some lead free silver solder so I can get on with alot of projets.
Il have to wait for sales or my birthday in August.


You can purchase those wavy scissors for less than a fiver on line (try Ebay). They are inexpensive but will do the job. I find Fiskars are the best.