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Do you own a cutting mat?

Just a silly question out of curiosity.
How many of us crafters own a cutting mat?
And how many of us don’t actually have a reason to cut anything on it, but still own one?


I have a few all different sizes.

Some I use in papercrafting

Some I use when doing patchwork as I use a rotary cutter and quilting rulers, squares (shapes) when cutting my fabric. You can’t use a rotary cutter without a cutting mat under nether the fabric or you’ll cut your table surface.

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I have 3…
A large A1 size for using with my rotary cutter when cutting fabric out. A second one, A2 size, which is an old one and I now use it for cutting things like interfacing or wadding on as the fibres can get in to the mat and damage it so I don’t want to cut these out on my normal one.
I also have a small one…just A4 size, which I use for cutting small things out like card…I also use it when using my hot fix gun etc. to protect the surface on my table.

oh yes I also use one of my old ones to protect my table when doing things with glue and paint.

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I have 2, A4 and A3 - would love a bigger one - I use them for all sorts.

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I have a glass cutting mat and use it all the time for cutting watercolour, paper, card etc, it’s a vital tool for me :slight_smile:

I have a large cutting mat which I use for everything :slight_smile:

I have an A3 glass on on my desk that I use for most stuff and an old A3 self-healing one that is easier to carry to the dining table if I need to expand my working space, my desk is in a tight corner so if I need to use my long metal ruler to cut large sheets of card for boxes it’s better done on the dining table.

I own and use several. Two big ones for stained glass, two smaller ones for fused glass.

I own an A1 one which I use a lot - grid side down to protect my table from paint, grid side up for measuring, and grid side up with a piece of mountboard on top for actually cutting as my stanley knife blades last longer that way.

How can anyone be without one? :slight_smile: I use mine (A3) all the time…

I have one, it’s I use it with the children in the family for cutting and glueing :slight_smile:

I have 3 in varying sizes and use them for everything, cutting glass, mountboard, paper, fabric…

I too use mine all the time…reminds me, it needs replacing :wink:

I currently have 1 A3 and 2 A4 for various projects and uses. Over the years I have used and abused plenty.

From cutting, drawing, painting (and using one as a paint palette they are invaluable to me.

No, I don’t have one, I use a large floor tile instead!

I only started using them about three years ago, now I don’t now how I ever managed without one.

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I only have one, an A4, I’d love a larger one. Maybe I need to put it on my Christmas List x

I have an A1, A2 and several smaller ones, I just used the A1 this evening!

I have an A3 and 2 A4 . Although I have misplaced an A4 probably tidied it away somewhere. I find them invaluable as well. I cut, glue, varnish, use as a straightening guide etc etc