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Your fabric cutting work space

Im currently procrastinating with sewing some shoulder bags because my work table that’s needed to lay out the fabric, measure and cut it is totally cluttered, and I don’t have the patience currently to sort it out(Il do it this weekend).
It got me thinking what your work spaces are like, do you have a proper working area or do you just use a corner of a dining room table to cut things on.

The answer to your problem is to put your arm on your table and swipe across all the clutter (although it all lands on the floor) job done ha ha…

My work space is shared with my hubby, when I let him in the workroom. But he only takes up a small space. I do try to tidy up as I go along, but sometimes I leave a part finished project on the table if I am going to continue the next day.

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oh dear I’m in the same place I have dresses for myself to cut out and bunting to make for my shop but my table is covered in vintage cockery in the main with a small end with my cutting mats and paints all over them.

I will have to sort it but like you I’ve been putting it off, and now I’ve gone a miss laid 4 watercolour painted postcards I was working on last night. :blush:

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I actually have a work room with a proper cutting table in it, the only problem is that it’s so covered with embroidery supplies I couldn’t cut out a Barbie dress on it at the mo lol :neutral_face:

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Big stuff I cut out on my hands and knees on the floor using scissors but for patchwork I use an A3 cutting mat and a rotary cutter sometimes on the kitchen table sometimes on the ironing board with it dangling over the edges x

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I have a dining table in my sewing room which has space for cutting, with a large A1 size cutting mat on it,
next to my sewing machine. If I need more space I just move my sewing machine off…


This is going to sound really weird, but we have a hottub in our conservatory which is rather large so I put my cutting mat on the lid and it’s a great cutting work surface.


Kim @KBCreations why is work space so tidy? if you own a sewing machine it should be messy! :wink:

I have a large cutting mat which sits next to my sewing machine, as I make coasters I usually only need a small space :slight_smile:


I can assure you it’s not normally that tidy…I had just had a move around so everything was put away or I wouldn’t have taken the photograph!


You should see the desk in my room right now, it’s like a bomb has hit it. Photo isn’t very clear than heavens.

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I use my dining table. Currently though it seems to have become buried under mounds of fabric even though it’s huge. So I’m now using the ironing board for small things and the floor for the larger ones. I really MUST tidy up a bit!

If I’m dress making I use the kitchen floor but for smaller items I use my cramped desk or the cutting board on the dining table

That’s got to be the most unusual solution! But sounds very effective.

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it certainly works and it doubles up for my light box when I want to take my photo’s.

As my ‘main’ craft is paper that has it’s dedicated space (small desk & shelves in the corner of our bedroom) sewing I have to do on the dining table which I have to clear away so I try to cut out my fabric before getting the machine out, otherwise it’s clear the floor to spread out fabric (and put up with painful knees from crawling around)

My cutting table is also my sewing table, so I have to put my machines away before I can cut. I have a magic table that my sister gave me - the top rotates 90 degrees and there are hinges on one of the long sides and…you open it up like a book to create a table twice as large when you need it. I think she bought it from Ikea, but I don’t see it on their website any more. I love it. I make clothes as my main business, so it’s a perfect size for all but the longest garments. I use elephants feet that I bought from amazon to raise the height so I avoid a sore back, and then do as much cutting as I can in one go so I don’t have to faff around too often.

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I took some quick photo’s, please excuse the mess! My sewing machine is behind me in the photos and my poor overlocker has been relegated to the cutting table until my oh finds time to build me another work bench. Although I have no idea where it’ll go :expressionless:

Donna x

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When my 23 year old son moved to London a few months ago I gained a workroom, albeit with a six foot dartboard and around a thousand tennis balls he omitted to take with him.

I got rid of the bedroom furniture, had a vintage spending spree round the charity shops and painted it pastel pink.
I picked up a great table for cutting and sewing, but, out of habit, I still seem to gravitate bck towards the cluttered table in the front room :slight_smile:

Ah well…one day!

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I finally cleared a space on my cutting table, didnt realise how many pieces i needed for all the bags, so its taking longer than i thought, but Ive put groups of fabrics into folders, its not like me to be so organised.

We had huge tables when I did my machine embroidery course at college, bliss. Now I scrabble around on the floor and then try to get up again!