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Do you refund postage costs?

I have always understood that if someone wants to return an item under any circumstances that you must refund the item price and original postage.

I have recently returned an item I purchased from a catalogue and have received a refund for the item but not the postage.

I was looking online so I could direct them the to relevant information and challenge the catalogue. I must admit that since the distance selling regulations ended I haven’t really checked the new regulations and just carried on as usual.

In searching I found this info:

Reimbursement by trader in the event of withdrawal or cancellation

34.—(1) The trader must reimburse all payments, other than payments for delivery, received from the consumer, subject to paragraph (10).

(2) The trader must reimburse any payment for delivery received from the consumer, unless the consumer expressly chose a kind of delivery costing more than the least expensive common and generally acceptable kind of delivery offered by the trader.

The full page is here

So reading (1) we don’t have to refund postage “other than payments for delivery” but reading (2) we do refund “the trader must reimburse any payment for delivery”

Does anyone understand this better than me?

The current UK/EU consumer laws still state that for distance-selling, the original postage must be refunded if you cancel within 14 days of receipt. I’ve challenged several online sites on this, referred them to the distance-selling laws and threatened them with Trading Standards, and they have all paid out and changed their online policies afterwards. Stick to your guns!

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You should definitely be refunded the postage you paid. The postage cost is part of the contract you agreed with the retailer, then they have to refund the full amount. If you paid for next day delivery (at a higher cost), they are only obliged to refund the basic postage cost. They aren’t obliged to pay for your return postage, if you change your mind. Get back on to them and demand a full refund!

If a consumer withdraws from a contract or exercises their right to cancel, both your and their obligations under the contract are ended. In addition you must reimburse the consumer all that he has paid you, including any original delivery costs (you cannot charge any cancellation fees). However, if a consumer has expressly requested a delivery method that is more expensive than your basic cost, you are only obliged to refund your basic delivery cost - for example, if a consumer has opted for your next day delivery service rather than your standard method by second class post.

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Hope that makes it a bit clearer. :dizzy_face:


Thank you for your replies @ciesse and @FluffStuffCrafts :slightly_smiling_face: