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Issuing a refund

(Elizabeth Grattan) #1

A customer has asked to return an item to me.
How do I issue the refund please? I have said this is ok but i cant refund any postsge costs. She has sent the item back.
Thanks for any help
Lizzi x

(Sarah Lambert) #2

Hi Elizabeth,
You go to PayPal and find the details of the transaction, when you click on the transaction there will be the option to send a refund, the full amount will probably show but you can refund the amount you want to i.e. minus the postage costs.

(Alison Mackenzie) #3

One thing to note Elizabeth, is that under the distance selling regulations you must also refund postage costs. This passage is from the OFT’s guidelines:

“The DSRs require you to refund any money paid by or on behalf of
the consumer in relation to the contract to the person who made the
payment. This means the full price of the goods, or deposit or prepayment
made, including the cost of delivery. The essence of
distance selling is that consumers buy from home and receive goods
at home. In these circumstances, almost every case of home
shopping will involve delivery of the goods ordered and so delivery
forms an essential part of the contract.”

(Dawn Sneesby) #4

Yes, you do have to refund the postage Elizabeth, I had to refund a customer a few weeks ago, the first time it had happened so just checked Folksy terms and conditions and it does state to refund postage too.

(Amberlilly) #5

We sent back something to Amazon and had to pay the postage. It was an unwanted present, but had to pay. Wonder if we will get refunded the cost of the post then?

(Elaine) #6

I think you still pay return postage if you’re sending something back Amberlilly, but your refund should be the item amount plus the postage costs you paid for the item to be sent out to you.


(Amberlilly) #7

Thanks @elliestreasures will have to check.

(Sarah Lambert) #8

Yes that’s true of course about the postage cost.

(Deborah Jones) #9

Once you have refunded via Paypal you can cancel the order on Folksy and the fees will be removed from your bill (and the item will get returned to your shop for sale), if the fees are on a bill you have already paid you get in touch with support and they refund you.

(Christine Shephard) #10

Once the buyer has returned the items (they should pay the return postage), you can issue a refund via paypal for the original cost including outward postage. The buyer has 14 days from receipt to let you know they want to return the goods and you have to refund within 14 days (I think) of receiving the returned goods back.

If the goods are faulty or ‘not as described’ you also have to refund the return postage.

(Elizabeth Grattan) #11

Thank you Deborah. I can’t find where to cancel the order does it sake a few hours after the paypal return?
Thanks in advance
Lizzi xx

(Christine Shephard) #13

I don’t think you can cancel it yourself once it’s been paid. There is a help page about it on the knowledge base here:

(Diane Burton) #14

I thought that if an item was not faulty or damaged (i.e they’ve just changed their mind) then you just had to refund the initial p&p (i.e what you charge to send the item) but not the return cost.

(Gloria Dean) #15

Thank you for posting this, it highlights how little I know about returns. However I thought like Diane DeesDesigns Crafts that you did not have to cover the return postage. On the rare occasion I have returned anything I have covered the return P&P myself. Off to study more about it now.

(Joy Salt) #16

I was under the impression that yes you do have to refund the postage they paid you but only if they specifically ask you for it.

(Christine Shephard) #17

There’s a useful link here which explains it all quite clearly. It really is important for anyone trading online to know what their obligations are. As a consumer also, you should know your rights when buying online.

(Alison Mackenzie) #18

I think you only have to pay their return postage if the goods are faulty or damaged, or if you have specified in your terms and conditions that you will pay, not if they have just changed their mind.

(Sarah Eves) #19

Hi, @LizziCamilla!

To cancel the order copy and paste the bar at the top of the order page and email it to Folksy support,who will then refund the fees and return the item to sale.

Sarah x

(Sarah Eves) #20

I was iffy about this when an item was returned to me a few weeks back, but Folksy terms and conditions state that we must refund the original shipping…which is a big hit for bulky items.

(Joy Salt) #21

Oh well, my customer was perfectly happy. The replacement piece I sent (the first was too big for the space they had for it) was cheaper and the difference in cost of the two was more than both sets of postage so customer still got some refund anyway.

I was discussing this with a couple of people the other day and they were quite convinced that you are entitled to the postage but only if you ask for it. So even though it may be the rule that you should refund it not many people know that,

This bit is interesting

Refunding the cost of delivery The trader has to refund the basic delivery cost of getting the goods to you in the first place, so if you opted for enhanced service eg guaranteed next day, it only has to refund the basic cost.

Now does that mean that if you send something signed for first class you only need to refund second class unsigned for ? As Folksy doesn’t give any option for enhanced services not sure if this applies. ??