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Postage costs on refunded items

(Sarah Eves) #1

A month ago I sent a bulky item to a customer.
Today it arrived back in the post, with a note in the post requesting a refund as it was a doubled up Christmas present - someone else had bought something similar.

So I was wondering about postage costs - do I refund theitem price only, or the original postage cost aswell

Sarah x

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Sian is still on maternity so you could be waiting a while for a reply from her.
Given that they changed their mind rather than a problem with the product I’d only refund the item cost and not the postage costs (you have paid that after all). If the item wasn’t as described or faulty then I’d refund the postage as well as the item cost.

(Joy Salt) #3

I had one of those the other week from a fairly regular customer. It was bigger than they had expected and wouldn’t fit where it needed to go. I sent a smaller, cheaper replacement but charged the postage on both.parcels. No problem at all.

(Sarah Eves) #4

I was inclined to just refund the item price, but when I checked the Folksy policies it states that we should refund the outgoing postage on any returned items, which seems slightly unfair.
The item was sent exactly 14 days ago, so I think I am liable for the postage too?

(Sally Eira) #5

I think you shouldn’t refund postage as no issue with your work just that she decided she no longer wanted item.
Did she contact you before she posted it back?

(Sarah Eves) #6

No - no communication at all, it just turned up on the doorstep…but the Folksy policy states we are responsible for original postage costs.

(Sarah Eves) #7

But as Folksy policy states that we are responsible for original postage on returned items, does that apply to items that a customer just changes their mind about too?

(Sally Eira) #8

oh sorry - i assumed that was if item was faulty.

(Sarah Eves) #9

I think it’s a blurry line - I’m not sure if it covers a change of mind aswell.

(Sarah Eves) #10

[In using Folksy, sellers agree that the buyer has a right to terminate the contract and return the item even if the item is not faulty in any way (this is the consumer’s right in UK law). They have the right to do this up to 14 days after receipt of the items and a full refund including the cost of the outgoing postage must be made within 14 days of the seller receiving the returned item(s), or within 14 days of the buyer providing evidence that the item(s) have been returned (e.g. proof of postage), whichever is sooner.

So, I’m assuming I’m liable to refund the original postage costs even if the customer just changed their mind?

(Sally Eira) #11

From reading that it looks like yes you do have to refund postage.

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(Sasha Garrett) #12

I’ve just found a story on the bbc website about Next breaking consumer laws by not refunding initial delivery charges for returned goods so it looks like you’ll have to refund the postage costs (that doesn’t seem fair to me but that’s the law).

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(Sarah Eves) #13

It does seem very weighted towards the customer if they can just change their mind and have the postage refunded, particularly for bulky items!
Refund it is then :slight_smile:

(Sally Eira) #14

i would say yes reading folksy policy - but that’s just my thoughts - maybe double check with folksy for definitive answer :smile:

(Alison Mackenzie) #15

I think in the eyes of the law, the outgoing postage is part of the ‘contract’ between you and the customer, so you have to refund all of the price (item and postage). You aren’t obliged to pay their return postage thankfully. :smile:

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(Christine Shephard) #16

Yes, under distance selling regulations (UK Consumer Contracts 2014) the buyer has the right to cancel the purchase up to 14 days after receipt of the goods and return them (in original condition) for a full refund, including original postage costs. They don’t need a reason, they can just change their mind. Unless you state in your policies (or Folksy policies) that the buyer is responsible for return postage, you’d also have to refund these. Folksy does state this in their policies, so return postage is the buyer’s responsibility (useful to note this if you sell from other sites, as they don’t always have a standard policy). Custom-made/personalised items are exempt, and certain other items for hygienic reasons are too, but not made-to-order items unless they have been too customised to re-sell.

They are supposed to contact you before sending it back, but if they return it within the 14 days, I suppose that’s acceptable.

If the goods are faulty or not as described, they have much longer to return them and the seller is responsible for return postage.

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(Dawn Sneesby) #17

Yes, I had a customer a few weeks ago who changed their mind about a necklace they had bought from me I was just going to refund the customer the cost of the item until I looked in Folksy policies and you do have to refund them the outgoing postage cost. Unfortunately, if someone just changes their mind and doesn’t like what they have ordered even if nothing wrong with it then it still costs you. I’m just glad the postage is very low for what I sell but people selling large items and signed for post are really out of pocket.

(Julie Maginn) #18

So how come companies like QVC or Create and Craft don’t refund postage if you return something? This is all news to me :frowning:

(Christine Shephard) #19

These are EU/UK laws, so apply to all businesses selling online within the EU. They might state otherwise, but the law is clear and they have to refund.

ETA: QVC UK and Create & Craft both state in their T&Cs that they do refund original postage paid, but not return postage, which is correct.

(Julie Maginn) #20

Well I’ve never had a postage refunded from either of them and both have stated on air that you only get cost of item refunded!! Guess it’s one rule for them eh…?