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Do you think you get more sales after uploading new items?

(ElysiumOfNature) #1

Hello :slight_smile: I’m just wondering if anyone knows whether once you upload a new item, Folksy’s algorithm puts your shop or items higher in the searches (or anywhere else) at all for a little while? I have a few new items, and just thinking about whether it’s better to upload them all in one go, spread it out a bit, or if it just doesn’t matter.


(Christine Shephard) #2

I believe that anything newly listed (or relisted) comes up higher in Folksy searches than other items - although relevancy of search terms also helps - so it might be worth spreading them out a bit if you don’t list (or relist) often.

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(Sasha Garrett) #3

My understanding is that it is the relevancy to the search term first then the date of the listing for search results however the categories are displayed in chronological order newest item first. The front page has a few slots for newly listed items (randomly selected by the robot but only one per person at any one time) so spreading out your listings increases the chance of ending up there.

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(Claire Mead) #4

I think it definitely makes a difference. I haven’t had much time in the last month to add any brand new items and sales have stopped whereas I was quite steady before when adding new items every few days

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(Karen Ellam) #5

I try to make a little batch of new things, and then add them to my shop at spaced out intervals. I don’t really know if this is the best way or not, it just feels more manageable to me with how I promote my shop.

Karen :smile: