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My new listings automatically go to the bottom of my shop

I’m giving Folksy another go to see if I can do any better this time with regards to sales.
I’m listing my items but each new listing just tags on to the bottom of my shop. Is there any way new listings can be automatically posted at the top please? When someone goes to my shop they see the same items and as most people are very busy they possibly won’t scroll down to see the new ring pillows.
It’s probably me, missing something! However I’d be really grateful for any guidance please.
Many thanks on anticipation.

You can move things around via your dashboard :slight_smile: I think (from memory) you click on the ‘shop keeping’ tab. You can click to move something to the top of the list of items, or drag and drop.

I understand your frustration - I would love new items to go to the top rather than the bottom of my list of stock. I usually have over 700 items for sale, and it gets very frustrating to have to spend time moving new stuff up manually.

Brilliant, thank you Sara, I’ll give that a go.
Yes it does seem daft. Surely having the newest listing automatically jump into top spot would be beneficial. Etsy does it as standard.
Many thanks again though.

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Yes, that’s sorted it, thank you. It’s just a case of remembering to do it each time I add a listing.
Many thanks again Sara.

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If you go to your dashboard and find “Shopkeeping” on the left hand side - got into that and if you go to the bottom of your list of items - you can see a little bit of writing that says “Move to top of page” click on that and do that for each of your new listings and they will then be at the top.
When you are in shopkeeping - you can also move your items around into any position within your shop that you like.

Hope this helps x

ETA - sorry, just seen that it has already been solved! Don’t know how I missed the replies - lolo!

Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my query. I’ve managed to sort it out now by following that method. Seems a little odd that listings are not automatically pushed to the top, but never mind, I know how to do it now.
Your help was much appreciated though, thank you.
Kind regards