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Does Google+ work

I’ve been on Google+ for a long while now, I post the odd thing on there on “Best of Folksy”, I wondered what sort of publicity it gets thereon, I haven’t really noticed anything happen. Would be good to hear your opinions.


I post on there and get likes for my posts but it doesn’t seem as active as `Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

I have a Google plus page for another venture of mine and when I Google those items I come up high in searches via Google plus.

I also post my folksy items but when I Google them - zilch.

So I just don’t know :thinking:

I have posted on there and not really got much back but I am still very new to it.

Thanks for your views.


The more you use it the better I now have a huge following far bigger than I have on facebook.

I do belong to more groups on google+ than just the folksy group. So I post in different groups on there.

I know I’ve had at least one customer find me from google+ because she told me so in her email to me.

I do share other people’s post not just ‘like/plus one’ them. I’ve had people share my posts on their as well

Some of the groups have rules that involve if you post a item for sale you are expected to share someone else’s for sale item. Those groups have loads of people in them and sharing/promoting each other’s items works extremely well.

We need to do that a bit more in our folksy group not just hit the plus one/like but hit the share with a comment.