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Don't know how to have a sale

I am going to be removing most of the jewellery from my shop but thought I would have a discount code offer first. I only want to do this for jewellery and not my beads and wondered if I could? I know the answer will probably be no and the discount will be offered to everything in my shop which I don’t really want to do.
Do you think if I had a discount code and said only jewellery it would be ok?

As far as I know it has to be across the board, and the problem is you can SAY it only applies to certain categories but buyers are famous for not reading or taking notice, so I know some people have had issues with that. The alternative would be to do it the “old school” way and give the discount by way of PayPal refund after purchase, don’t know if that helps at all.


Thank you, people not reading properly is something that I was worried about. Oh well suppose I shall just take it out of my shop :frowning:

You could do say a 24 hour flash sale and for that time hide everything else that’s not on sale maybe?

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That’s a good idea, thank you dottie :slight_smile: