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Having a sale - everything half price - but how?

I want to clear my shop,or at least make some space for lots of new things I have made this year but not yet listed,being preoccupied by surgery three weeks ago. I’d want to sell at 50% off (cost of materials + post) but can’t find a way to bulk apply this. Discount codes? As I read it, they’re only to individuals I choose. Short of going through 200+ items and editing them individually (my setup doesn’t even have copy and paste) does anyone know how to do this?
Suggestions would be welcome.

In line with previous,how can I get Checkout to apply the discount?

Set up a discount code for 50% off and add the discount code to your shop banner/tagline, post it in the forum, post it on social media, tell the world about it. Buyers can then enter the code at checkout to get the discount applied automatically to their order.
Don’t forget to put an end date on it, otherwise it will continue to be usable forever…

If you don’t want to create a discount code, the only other options are to refund 50% on each order or go through all the listings and reduce the price - discount code is the easy option! :slightly_smiling: