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Drop in sales

(pureorganicheaven) #1

has anyone else experienced a dramatic decrease in sales since April? My sales have really dropped and I’m not sure why.

(Sasha Garrett) #2

The summer is always quiet as people go away for holidays/ have less spare cash as they are paying for holidays. Its starting to pick up now for me at least, definately time to get promoting so those christmas present shoppers are aware of your products.

(Susannah Ayre) #3

It’s funny because I seem to experience my busiest times in everyone else’s quietest. So for me, I seem to sell the most January-March then again in June-August.
That’s online sales that is. Strange that.

I’m never sure what drives the timing of my sales- I guess with it being artwork people don’t really have set times of the year when they buy that. Unlike say- people who knit/crochet who may sell more in the autumn/winter. Or people who sell bright jewellery might sell more in the summer.

(Qteacup) #4

My sales dropped last September, and have not picked up to the level of 2013. I really don’t understand it, I have more items, promote as much, but have never got back to the level of sales prior to Christmas 2013.
There are more sellers here now, so we are competing with each other to be found. It is inevitable that some of us will have busier periods at different times, as we all sell such different things. Anyone got any good ideas?

(Louise Foot) #5

I’ve been here less than 2 years but my sales are increasing well, especially since I converted to a plus account. Definite seasonal trends for me though - 2 months this year when I haven’t sold a thing on Folksy for a month.