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Slow sales

Hi there crafters
Is it just me or has sales been very slow this year. My last sale was February and nothing since. Even views are down. Had some “favourite” likes but now sales from it. I’m advertising on Facebook and Pinterest.
Would love some feedback on how you all are doing

Happy crafting
Emily x

Hi Emily!

Yes sales (and worryingly also views) are very low this year. I have been doing slightly more promotion and even so my views counter shows less views for some months than the same time period last year. There always seems to be a slump during July and August but May this year was terrible.

Some people are putting it down to the weather, but that should not affect my sales, or indeed sales of things like homeware. People’s birthdays are still coming around and so there should be parity in theory.

I have a feeling that the problem is that the “economic recovery” has only benefited a few people. Large businesses look like they are doing better but in general ordinary people still do not feel like they have a lot of money to spend on things which aren’t necessities.

It still remains to be seen how much worse “Brexit” might make this situation. During the week following the vote my views dropped to 0 and have only started to pick up this week just gone. That can’t be a coincidence as 0 views for 7 days in a row just doesn’t happen if I am promoting. Hmm.

Sam x

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I might be bucking the trend but my sales are more frequent and larger this year compared to last year and my views are slightly up as well. No idea why maybe now is just my time.


My sales are down for May/June compared to the same period last year, although I had a much better April. Craft fair sales are also down, which is very worrying as more of my sales come from fairs. Not sure why - maybe a dip in consumer confidence; maybe because I’ve been busier at work so not as much time to devote to promoting; maybe the weather…who knows? I’m hoping it picks up again soon.

Hi there - thanks so much for your feedback. Will tug along and hope for things to pickup. Crafting keeps me sane so in a way I’m still benefiting LOL x
Wishing you all an increase of sales to come Emily x


Hi There Emily,
Glad you mentioned the lack of sales.
I am fairly New here (2months) & I moved all my stock from the Auction page, to here,hoping for more sales.
Allthough I get lots of views in a this week 296.
and my fellow crafters Favourite me.(Thanks Ladies)
and despite me promoting on Pinterest &,Not One sale so far. :frowning:
I feel much happier amongst fellow Crafters on here, though & would like to stay for at least a year.,but I will need to see a sale soon as getting very dispondant

Hi Elizabeth - welcome to Folksy. Please don’t let my disappointment rub off on you - Folksy has been good to me with sales in the past. So hang in there I’m sure you will start selling soon - good luck with that
Emily x

Hi Emily !
Thanks for your prompt reply.
I will now take your advice & hang on in there.
Patience isn’t one of my virtues …well only when I’m being creative :slight_smile:
Thanks again & hope we both get lots of buyers soon.
Fingers Xsd. eh?

I’ve just had a look, after reading this post and my sales for the first 6 months of this year are much better than last year. I now promote daily on Twiitter, Facebook etc, which I didn’t do last year, so I think maybe it’s just making a big effort with promotion for me.

Our views have been a little pitiful since reopening a couple of months ago. We have had some favourites but definitely no sales! Disappointing, but trying to keep positive and hang in there! :smiley:

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For some reason , I haven’t done well on folksy, but people who buy are always pleased, may be I am doing it all wrong xx

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Hi Elizabeth, it takes a while for a new shop to take off so please don’t be despondent. I found that once we had our first sale business picked right up, I think sometimes people want to see that feedback before they purchase so it might be worthwhile directing some existing customers this way with a discount code to start the ball rolling.
A couple of pieces of friendly advice though having looked at your shop and lovely jewellery. Folksy don’t like watermarks on photographs so you’re more likely to be featured in gift guides etc. if those are removed. Secondly some of your pictures are very cropped when they appear on your front page because you have very little background around the item, this can make your items (and page) look a little busy and doesn’t show off your work at it’s best. I’d aim to leave a little bit more background on your images and crop to a square - when someone advised me to do the same for our stock our views really rocketed.
I hope things pick up soon x

Hi Danielle,
Thank you for your sound advice re;sales & strategies
I will be taking up a few of your tips soon.
Take care & happy selling :slight_smile:

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I’m feeling like my shop has become invisible.
I haven’t had a sale for 2 months, which is the longest ‘dry spell’ I have had since starting my shop 2 years ago. I’m promoting the same amount, and adding new lines but not sure how much I can keep making and adding if nothing sells. I have given up on summer lines now and am doing things that might appeal for Christmas gifts, as October/November are usually my busiest time so I’m hoping this year will be the same.

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I find things quite slow here these days.

Folksy is great for hosting your shop if it’s the place you direct all of your advertising efforts toward. But, if you’re like me and you direct most of your promotional efforts to your own website (which makes more financial sense) then it just isn’t really working out overly well here right now. I still sell well on other side venues that have more browsing traffic, but unfortunately there just doesn’t seem to be as much of that happening on Folksy as there was a few years ago.

I’ve just recently let my plus account lapse so I have about three and a half months left to decide whether or not I will stick with it. It will be interesting to see what the run up to Christmas looks like.

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Hi Emily02 ,

Wonders never cease!

I had my very first sale today !!!.
Thank you for your welcome & your encouragement.
Oh me of little patience.
Lets hope this sale of mine,rubs of on you.:slight_smile:

Hope you have a great weekend !

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Yoo hoo… so happy for you - I’m sure this is the first of many - well
done xx

Hi. I have just opened a shop here selling handpainted Lace bobbins. I had a few views at first but no sales. Down 87% . I sell on other sites but wanted the craft orientated place to sell. It is so quiet compared to other sites where sales are good. I will give it a chance but maybe product too specialised although I sell all over the world.
Plus there was no category for lace

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Hi there
Your stuff is so unique. Such an art to paint on such a small object -
Wishing you lots of sales for the future

Hi, sales have always been very slow for me, although posting on the forums has helped my work to be seen. I share a shop with my Mom so some of the work is hers and we sell on Etsy too which has been better, although viewing figures are smaller there, due to the huge competition. We will keep plugging away in the hope for better sales in the future.