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Early Happy Saturday Morning

Me and Hubby decided this evening to take the kids away for the weekend, only to an Haven but they’ll enjoy it so i’ll be leaving tomorrow morning and will be back around Monday lunchtime, so I decided to make my morning post early lol. :smile:

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and I hope you’re able to have some time to yourselves to make some lovely items for your shops! x

Have a lovely weekend away Kelly. :smile:

We’re off to a car booty today to see what bargains we can find.

Thanks @twinkleandgloomart. Hope you find some bargains, I’m off now! x :wave:

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Morning all, have a lovely weekend Kelly and happy shopping Lowri :slight_smile: I’m doing jewellery stuff this afternoon and meeting a friend later this afternoon for a drinks and nibbles. I’m hoping the sun stays out so we can sit in the pub garden !!!

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I’m staying put today. It’s not the most pleasant weather today in Edinburgh: quite windy, occasionally rainy, occasionally sunny…all types of weather. I had a busy week so today is a day of rest. Hope you enjoy your Saturday.

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Have a nice weekend @tagpress!!

My day didn’t start nice (first 1 star review on etsy - looks like some buyers don’t even bother to read description of items), but then we had beautiful trip with picnic to Druridge Bay Country Park, so overall nice day.

Hoping for nice Sunday with bit of time for beading cause want to practice St Petersburg chain stitch :smile:

Wish you all lots of sales during weekend!

Thanks @SamsGemstoneJewellery & Monika @TobisiasLilThing

Did you manage to sit in the pub garden @SamsGemstoneJewellery?

Monika @TobisiasLilThing sorry to hear that about your shop, not everyone does read product descriptions. Glad you had a nice day out! Did you practice that new stitch? x

I did Kelly @tagpress :slight_smile: New bracelet you can find on my FB :slight_smile: Now trying to make necklace the same way :slight_smile:

lol Monika @TobisiasLilThing. Can you post the link so I can take a peek? x :grin:

Here you go: second post from top :slight_smile: I started another one this morning - black with colour accents and I’m not sure make another bracelet or maybe necklace :slight_smile: Need to think about it :slight_smile:

Oh wow, that’s turned out lovely Monika @TobisiasLilThing. I can see why you want to make the matching necklace! x :grin:

Will be no matching necklace… not enough Czech glass beads… Making different colour combo :slight_smile: I should make photo of this piece I already have done as partially done piece of jewellery with question what will be better bracelet or necklace :slight_smile:

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I just put photo on fb :slight_smile: one person who saw me stitching it today told me to make necklace, what do you think Ladies?

I’ve just had a look Monika @TobisiasLilThing, I think they both look great therefore I’m unable to choose! I think you should make both necklaces and bracelets. x

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I did have a lovely day Saturday sitting in a pub garden Kelly, we actually managed to sit outside until about when the bugs became a bit too annoying !!! Did you have a good time at Haven ? :slight_smile:

That’s great Sam @SamsGemstoneJewellery, I love that kind of thing. We enjoyed the weekend, we ended up going to the Wild Duck park in Norfolk. It was in a woodland setting, i’ll take the kids back there at some point. x

I made necklace :slight_smile: Looks good for me :slight_smile: Photo on FB if you want to check it Kelly @tagpress :slight_smile:

It looks lovely Monika @TobisiasLilThing, I love the colours you chose. x :wink:

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Thank you :slight_smile: Now I need to decide about price and where to list it :slight_smile: Hard decision…

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