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Good Thursday Morning

The weather looks promising today and I have a wash on, no cleaning to be done, bliss! :smile:

Gonna have myself busy day today making new things for my shop. What’s everyone else gonna be up to?

Wishing you all a wonderful day! x

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I need to do food shopping then I have to sew the shoulder seam of something Im working on, then I may get round to doing some soldering Ive been putting on hold for ages.

The sun is shinning here too, just the gentlest of breezes, the birds are still singing their little hearts out, the garden looks lush and full of colour, mainly due to red/pink/purple wash drying on the line this morning!!!
One more mountain to do.
The line up for today is; drink tea whilst chatting to you all, make redcurrant and port jelly which has been straining all night, and pick some blackcurrants.
Friends on holiday are coming for coffee, so I am in a dilema, to make scones, or to open the big box of chocolate biscuits I have hidden form view and denied all knowledge of to No1 son! There are 4 adults and 3 small children, so the biscuits will be scoffed and I wont have to finish them off…because their little voices are so sweet when they sing to me from the tin, hidden on top of the cupboard that I can only reach with a kitchen chair.
Suzzie x

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Morning ladies!

Hope you manage to get the soldering done @PoisonedAppleJewellery. You’re jewellery is lovely!

You made me laugh Suzzie! @thistledownandHOPE. You could always make the scones and guard that biscuit tin with your life. lol x :grin:

I feel confessing to you all of my hidden stash of chocolate biscuits is all part and parcel of the therapy I am in need of, ( that I not only keep a box of fabric that I get out every so often to look at, it may have been me that said whilst a length of fabric is still a length it has the potential to be what what ever your dreams are made of, but once it is cut it has reached its ultimate potential,) and so the release of my treasure will take place today, the biscuits NOT the fabrics!!!
It is good to share.
Suzzie x

Morning (waves :wave: )

What a lovely sunny morning it is. I have a load of washing in the machine and will be soon pegging it out.

I have a huge harvest of strawberries to pick from the garden. They’ve gone proper mad this year. Lovely and juicy :smiley:

Sometime today I need to focus on listing a new item. Yesterday I kept drifting from the task and found myself surfing the web for holiday clothes or playing on Instagram :smiley: I’m so easily distracted…

Then when my daughter gets home from school she’s asked to go to Matalan as she needs a green t shirt or vest top for sports day tomorrow… Nothing like leaving it til the last minute… Hey ho…
I think there’s a sale on at the moment so I might treat myself to a couple of new tops if I see any that catch my eye. The older I get the more pickier I’m becoming choosing clothes.

Enjoy your biscuits Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE :blush:

Have a lovely day folks


Sharing is caring Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE , your right! :heart:

Morning Karen @karenscraftybitz :wave:
I know the feeling with the clothes, I’ve found that myself! Hope you find yourself some nice things. :wink:
You’re strawberries sound lovely!! x

Am off down south this afternoon for my sisters wedding tomorrow and party on Saturday. Just been packing my bag but as I am still undecided what to wear I have basically packed my wardrobe!

Still got to buy wedding present and collect daughter from station…nothing like being organised.

But for now - a cup of coffee. :coffee:

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Oh I hope you have a lovely time Roz! @Rozcraftz
I’m sure you’ll be able to choose something to wear in time lol. x

…because they are worth it…


Now that’s what I call lush Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE x

and I would like to point out that with my body being the temple that it is, I didn’t have one, I merely sniffed them!!! It will be tankini ready for the summer hols!!!
Suzzie x

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Awww lol :grin: