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has anyone ever created an email list to promote their folksy shop. Is it expensive, I would love to hear
your views on this

I have an email list. I use it to keep people up to date with craft fairs etc and have a sign up book out at those events for people to add their email to, each email I send out does have a button to take people to my folksy shop and they do click on it but because they are my craft fair regulars they would rather come and see me in person than shop on line (but it does encourage them to come out to the fairs). I run the list through mailchimp (I have the basic free account) and that means it has all of the necessary unsubscribe links etc without me having to remember to put them in, they also make sure that people can’t see each others details.
If you do decide to set up an email list make sure you read up about the appropriate bits of GDPR and running competitions to get people to sign up (if that is something you are considering).

I also use MailChimp, but I’ve found it very slow to increase it. I suppose it’s all about advertising the fact that I’ve got one! The link is always added to the bottom of the thank you note / dispatch notification, but they don’t always read them I suppose.

Thank you sasha for your feedback, I just looked at your shop and your jewellery is outstanding, you have inspired me, thank you

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Thank you for your feedback Amy kind regards Jackie

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I have an email list to promote my textile art workshops and it’s run free by mail chimp. Very professional, easy to use and they handle all the unsubscribes etc, that you must keep on top of if you are running your own campaigns. You will need to check whether you need to register with the Information Commissioner’s office, in order to be handling the data, depending on which route you go down.

It’s a really fun way to engage with your customers and maybe you could position it as not only that you are encouraging people to sign up for offers etc (because otherwise why are they going to part with their data?) but also that you’d like to chat more about your making process?