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Expired Listings - can I edit? I have tried to find instructions

(Vicki Cockcroft) #1

.I am re-opening my shop and would like to edit some expired listings. Does anyone know how and if I can do this? I have looked everywhere, but can’t find out.

Would be everso grateful for help.


(Alison Mackenzie) #2

I think you might have to renew them as current listings before you can edit them, but someone else might have an easier solution.

(Vicki Cockcroft) #3

I did wonder if this was the only way. I’ll hang on a bit longer and see if anyone else comes up with a magic solution.

Many thanks, though. I’ll do this if all else fails.

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Find the expired listing and copy it, make any changes, preview, list, job done so you can get on with promotion…
Good luck.

(Vicki Cockcroft) #5

Thanks Sasha. I’ve tried the other way and I’m getting a ‘we’re broken’ message, so I’ll try your way now!