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Fabric word/picture embellishment help from sewists please

HI fellow Folksians, Im a sewist and Ive had an idea of making my own fabric sheets with images and words on, to sell (Ive had the idea for ages, Il get round to it one day).

If I went ahead with the idea what kind of pictures would be popular to buyers and what kind of words.
So far Im thinking nature themes, bee’s butterflies etc and words like Love and Dream etc Im trying to think of anything new and original but its tricky to know what people would like.

Im currently trying to find people on Folksy that sew embellishments on their work like purses or make up bags so I can pick their brains, but Im not sure what to search for in the descriptions to find the makers.
Any help would be appreciated from anyone.

I did make 1 fabric embellishment sheet a few years back and it sold quickly, which has made me think I should try it again but better quality/fabric.

If your wondering what Im on about @Fantoosh sews on word embellishments to their work.

Hi there,

I did wonder why my little shop was getting a few visitors this evening!
You need nothing more fancy than an inkjet printer to make the embellishments like those on the items in my shop.
Lots of useful advice in this link (& elsewhere on the web):

As for what to make - that’s the hard part isn’t it? Bees & butterflies are sure to be popular.


Thanks for the info(Ive loved the graphics fairy for years, what would I do without it?).
I have printed using my printer but the result cant be washed.
Are your labels washable? (your sewing is immaculate btw)

You can make washable prints if you use special transfer paper but I have only used it for tote bags and it does leave an edge alaround the image but this could be covered with hand stitching, ribbon, lace buttons etc. otherwise used wonder web for appliqué to stop frayed edges or lower your feed dogs and get free machining then you can write or "draw"anything. However I think you’re very brave to attempt such a large project, I definitely prefer to work small!
Good luck.