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Facebook advert rejected

I have a Facebook business account. I ran an ad with Facebook last year - it didn’t get me anywhere but it wasn’t a problem to set up. I’ve tried another one now and it has been rejected and restricted my ad account - it says I’ve violated a policy. It doesn’t say which and I’ve trawled through it all and I don’t see why. No specific explanation. It says I can request a review of this restricted ad account but when I try to do it, it says there is no advertising account to submit!
I don’t know where else to ask as facebook just sends me round in circles. Has this happened to anyone else or have any thoughts as to what I can do next?

Was your ad for one of your animal themed pieces? I’ve heard that FB gets its knickers in a twist and assumes you are selling actual animals which it doesn’t allow. No idea how to solve your problem though as I’ve never used FB ads.

I wonder, you may have it there - it was for the new collection of dogs. The last advert was a mix of other animals and it got passed but there were no dogs/cats. As I’ve not been getting as much response as I’d hoped over the last few months, I thought I’d give the advertising another go but I think I might just forget all about it and stop wasting my time with it - I wasn’t that hopeful anyway. Thank you very much x

I’ve sometimes tried to boost an existing post and been rejected… because I’ve replaced letters to make them non commercial… eg .sh0p not Shop…
they then tell you you need to amend it but as it’s up for advert review editing is not allowed… Talk about Catch 22…

Yep! I’ve actually just been told I’m allowed again. They told me how to turn it back on. I got back into it eventually (but not the way they said as it didn’t exist on my screen) but it wanted me to continue the trial I was doing for £10, with half the time already wasted by their faffing about! Couldn’t change it. So I’ve cancelled altogether and I might just try after the times set are cleared. Or maybe not, I seem to waste so much time on dead-end advertising “opportunities”.

Maybe try Instagram instead, I’m doing a short promotion for a sale sunday at the moment and after 3 days of 5 i have had about 5-6 x the likes from a normal post. whether this translates into sales we shall see. But may be worth looking at, i find Instagram so much better than FB!

Hadn’t even thought of that! I’ve been so totally cabbaged getting my instagram linked to my Folksy shop that I’ve left it alone for a few days. I haven’t a clue so I’ll put investigating what’s what on my To Do list. Thank you.

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I had something similar with some product listings, it took exception to some of my greetings cards and prints with dog and animal drawings on, and said it thought I was trying to sell animals. Some I managed to rejig so they got through, but there’s a couple it still doesn’t like.

It did give me an option to appeal, with a link, so I did, but my appeal is still ‘open’ and it doesn’t seem as if there’s any way of chasing it further so I’ve given up. I did discover that I had to look in my ‘support inbox’ to see their messages - can’t remember how i found it as once I did I bookmarked the page as it wasn’t obvious.

This is the link to mine - (though it looks generic enough and might get you to yours too.)

There was quite a bit online when I googled for the likes of ‘FB appeal rejected listing’, mostly about adverts beginrg rejected, since mine was specifically about a product appeal it wasn’t much help, but might be good for you.

Yes I followed your link and it did take me to my appeal. It said the case was closed - and still no explanation. In the meantime, they had emailed to say they’d released it and I could’ve gone on to use the advert but since half the trial week had gone by by then and it wouldn’t let me change it, I’ve abandoned it. Might try again when that time frame is cleared. But it may well reject me again, so it all depends how much I feel like going through it all to get nowhere - so many other things I could be doing!

I have been having problems with PayPal since the middle of June. They have been refusing payment to my shop saying that a risk has been detected . After much difficulty in getting a sensible response from PayPal it turns out the problem is that it thinks I’m selling live animals! They are actually crocheted! I will change the titles and hope the issue is resolved. It made sense because I had recently read this post about Facebook!


The more feedback I get, the more I’m realising that this really is the explanation, completely daft as it is! You just don’t see it until it happens to you. I will report back when I have another go- as I probably will eventually.

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Paypal’s risk alert bot is over zealous to say the least - it refused to let a payment I was making go through because it thought I was funding terrorism as I was buying cards decorated with ‘flame’ pattern and ‘french’ curls. No I was most definitely not trying to burn down France with my purchase.


Yes, let us know how you get on - it will be interesting to see!

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We Folksy folk certainly seem to live life on the edge, virtually at least.
It wasn’t easy explaining the term crochet to the human being we finally got through to at PayPal!


Well, I’ve been accepted! The dog jewellery advert that was rejected with no explanation (though we all think we know the reason why) has passed this time. So I’ve got 5 days for £10 and here’s hoping I get more action than I got the one and only other time I tried.


Yayy! I hope the advert goes well - your jewellery is fab

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Just thought I’d update you, in case anyone else needs feedback before doing a facebook advert. My dogs were eventually advertised for the 5 days and the reach and engagement were a bit better than the last time I tried an advert last year. However, there were no new facebook followers/likes and no sales.