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Facebook competition to get more visitors to my page?

(Andrea Martin) #1


Sorry - more help needed!

I am doing my first craft fair on Sunday and I had an idea of doing a kid’s drawing competition. I was going to hand out entry forms and get them to photograph their drawing and post it to my FB page. (I would have notified the winner through FB and let them chose a free print).

Am I allowed to do this on Facebook?
Also, can you tell people that they have to like your page to enter the competition?
Have any of you ran a competition on FB? What kind? How did it work?

If not, are there are competitions / giveaways you can do to try and get more visitors to your FB page.


(Andie) #2

Hi Andrea,
I’d suggest having a look at ‘Grow your craft business with Facebook’ by Kevin Partner, you can buy it quite cheaply on Kindle. He outlines all the do’s and don’t about Fb competitions, what Fb will and won’t allow. Also as it’s a kids drawing competition, don’t forget that children under 13 aren’t supposed to use Facebook. Hope that helps, Andrea

(Andrea Martin) #3

Thanks for your advice!

I will take a look at this and hopefully do a competition later, when I understand all the FB rules.

Thanks again