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Facebook help please

All of a sudden I cant receive or leave comments on my facebook page.
When I click on comment it does nothing, and I get notified Ive been left a comment but there snothing there, so annoying.
Do you think Ive accidently clicked on something deleting these options?
Any ideas to get things back to normal appreciated.

The wonders of Facebook - sorry can’t help but sometimes these things happen and then it all goes back to normal. Always worth trying the following, logging out and back in again, clearing cache and cookies, restarting computer. Other than that I’m afraid I can’t be much help.

Hah!I Ima big believer in switching things off and on again to get them working, sadly this has been going on for afew days, But your right, things do somethimes sort themselves out. Thanks for the suggestions.

Guess what, its all working now.

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