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Facebook on a 'go slow'?

(Diane Burton) #1

Is anyone else having problems with Facebook going soooo sloooow? I’m trying to switch from my personal page to my business page and it’s already been loading for 5 minutes. I’m hoping it’s a Facebook problem and not our computer/internet!

(Pauline Hayward) #2

Mine has been running OK so far most of the day.

(Diane Burton) #3

I finally got it to load by opening Facebook in a new tab then closing the first one, it was almost like it had ‘got stuck’ loading, anyway after all that messing about there was nothing much new in my page feed so I don’t know why I bothered :slight_smile:

(Liz Lothian ) #4

Hi, I’ve been having a few issues as well but thought it might just be my iPad. Liz