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Facebook! I hate it!

(Christine E.) #1

So, I’ve reduced my silk paintings and wanted to tell people. Posted it on my shop page. Then I looked at my news feed and it wasn’t there. So I thought I should “share” it to make it appear. So I did that then the posting appeared twice on my page. So I deleted one of them and both of them disappeared! Aaaargh! I give up!!!

(Emma) #2

I’ve had that with comments randomly disappearing. They keep changing it, I have no idea where anything is or how it works any more. Makes me feel I’m getting old! :wink:

(Sarah Lambert) #3

I find Facebook unnecessarily complicated too, I don’t really bother with my page anymore.

(Christine E.) #4

Comforting to know I’m not the only one who can’t get to grips with it!

(Jo Sara) #5

It was doing odd things yesterday. I had problems sharing a video (if anyone hasn’t seen the BBC Breakfast team doing Pharrell Williams - Happy. pop over to my page JoSaraDesign, it’s really worth a watch). The reach on that post was shockingly low compared with my usual. Which was annoying because it was such a grotty weather day yesterday, and that video is a right ‘cheer you up’ one.


(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

facebook is dreadful

(Jan Ryan) #7

I agree, facebook often has a bit of a hissy fit and is continually messing about and changing things… BUT… yesterday I had a query through my facebook page regarding a couple of things in my albums and after a couple of messages back and forth I had a sale of 3 fairy doors and a canvas painting…all sold through Folksy and all going to Australia, she wouldn’t of found my shop if it wasn’t for FB so it’s a bit of a necessary evil :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #8

Facebook has been very odd today. Keeps showing a zero reach - even though I can clearly see likes and even a comment or two.

It pulled a real silly on me earlier. I’d used my phone to take a photo of some pendants in my kiln, I loaded this up to my facebook page and stuffed the phone in my pocket.

I did notice it was clicking away in there but thought it was taking photos of the fluff and (concealed :slight_smile: ) chocolate wrappings inside the pocket.

Not so. It seems it was chatting away to Facebook :frowning:

I was surprised, when I went to my page on the PC a bit later to see I had changed my cover picture - to a not very good, unedited, photo of the moth in my greenhouse.
Facebook said I had done it.

No. The phone did.
It will be asking for its own page next.
I know you have to keep children off Facebook but it’s a bit ridiculous when you have to ban your phone :slight_smile:

(Jan Ryan) #9

My FB page disappeared last night for about an hour or so, the cover pic was there but it was saying ‘there are no posts to show’ and all my photo albums were empty, I had a bit of a panic but it all came back after a while with a notice to ‘change to new layout’ again

@JOYSofGLASS I have a few odd wrappers in my pockets too, I think they must be yours :slight_smile:

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #10

Not sure that I know anyone who doesn’t hate Faceache - (if they don’t admit to it, I bet they still nurse a secret grudge!). It was a fabulous site, but since it was sold off, it’s deteriorated. Quite simply, they want to squeeze as much money out of it as they can, and users be damned.
Unfortunately, it seems to be a necessary marketing tool just now - though the likes of Instagram seem to be breathing down its kneck… perhaps its days are numbered (yay! - though I have made friends with some other lovely people who run their businesses soley via facebook, so they wouldn’t be so thrilled… saying springs to mind, involving baskets of eggs).

When it does have a big hissy fit, it usually sorts itself out in a few hours. I just go and make books for a while.