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Losing Facebook fans?

(Kirstin Moore Contemporary Jewellery) #1

Over the last few months I seem to be losing my Facebook fans- is this happening to anyone else? I had really cut down the amount of posts I put in there because I have a 1 year old taking up a lot of time but have recently tried to gain a bit of traction on it again. Does anyone have any hints or tips as to how I can gain more followers and keep them interested on there?? I try to make friendly posts but with a sense of professionalism as it’s jewellery but should I be more chatty and less formal or would too chatty cast the wrong impression?? Xx
My page is-

(Leanne Woods) #2

Facebook recently changed their algorithm again. Basically if you don’t interact with a page you’ve liked a certain number of times within a 30 day period Facebook will unlike it for you assuming you’re no longer interested in the page. In turn anyone who has liked but doesn’t interact with your page will have it unliked for them … but you don’t want likers who don’t interact anyway because it harms your reach so it’s better to try and find new, genuinely interested page likers.


(Kirstin Moore Contemporary Jewellery) #3

Ah I see! Thank you! Why does it do that though? There are loads of pages that I like and enjoy seeing their posts but I don’t comment on them as sometimes I just don’t have anything remarkable to say- will Facebook just decide I don’t like that page anymore!?! Xx

(Stephanie Guy) #4

If you like a post all you need to do is hit the like button and then you’ll continue to see posts from that page :slight_smile:

(Leanne Woods) #5

Yep, as Stephanie says, liking is often enough to keep seeing a page’s posts in your feed, although you’ll rarely see all the posts from a page in your feed.

At the minute Facebook will start by showing a post to less than 1% of a page’s likers, if they like, comment or share that post then it will show in more likers’ feeds.

(Helen Smith) #6

FB is driving me mad at the moment, there is a page I like dedicated to local summer art fairs, seasonal so it doesn’t post and I don’t interact with it in the winter. Yesterday I was trying to find it, did loads of searches on every permutation of the name but it simply didn’t come up. In the end I had to find the link from a local website instead. Amazingly I still ‘liked’ the page and yet FB simply wouldn’t let me see it. I am going to have to start bookmarking the pages I really need to see.

(Kirstin Moore Contemporary Jewellery) #7

I’ve had that too which is why I’m getting so confused! I wrote the page name fully into the search bar and it was as if it didn’t exist anymore- then a few days later tried again and it was still there and I was still following it!! Although, I’m pleased that it is less likely that in doing something wrong and more likely that Facebook has changed things. However I will start frantically liking everything just to stop Facebook making decisions for me!! Xx

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

This is one of the reasons I dislike facebook the other is the fact it’s constantly putting video’s up that stream in the background even if you don’t click on them. They are using up people bandwidth. Oh and the fact they put up adverts saying your friend… like this product when they didn’t grrrrr

(Kirstin Moore Contemporary Jewellery) #9

They keep suggesting dieting pills to me in various suggested posts- I’m a size ten mother of three that eats on the hop- really don’t think I need the dodgy pills thank you Facebook!! Xx

(Emma) #10

Surely the net result of all this will be people cease to have any sort of life outside Facebook, it will become a full time job.

I arrange pages I’m interested in into lists, like jewellery, polymer clay etc. I’ve even had to start visiting friends timelines as it doesn’t show me their posts even though I interact. Compared to most users I have few likes and friends but I often struggle with the sheer amount of content on there. I think maybe limits to the amount of posts a user makes would be better than an algorithm deciding for you.

(Sharonj19) #11

It is quite frustrating - also from the point that I now get hardly any pages appearing in my news feed even though I have lots of pages where I love to see what they are doing. I make a conscious effort to like and comment on posts to keep them in my feed.

(Yvette ) #12

I am like you Kirstin, i have to work a day job so the only time i get to go on FB is nights and i don’t have much to say so i try to visit some pages but can’t see everyones.

(Jo Sara) #13

I saw something about this video streaming problem the other day on Facebook. I think they’ve reset everyone’s settings. You can reset your personal page settings if you click on the down arrow on the end of the blue bar at the top of your page, choose settings, on the lefthand menu choose video, and you get the option to turn off auto-play videos.

If it’s happening on your business page I’'m not sure how you stop that.