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I hate creepy Facebook!

(Christine E.) #1

Just went to my Facebook page and there was a message all decorated with flowers (it’s gone now so I can’t refer back to it) saying something like “Good Morning Christine! Have a lovely Facebook Day”.
Facebook!!! Yes, you!!! Stop pretending to be my friend!!! I only joined to keep a nosey eye on my daughters. But I REALLY HATE YOU, you’re not my friend, don’t speak to me!!!
Sorry about the rant :slight_smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

uggh I had one of those on my personal page yesterday. I find facebook a real pain with all those adverts that keep coming up in my feed for things I’ve already bought as well.

(Sally Lucas) #3

Thanks for making me laugh Christine! I get angry when, after I have purchased something, an advert appears for something very similar. I feel like I’m being stalked!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Sally@lifecover that’s so true we are being stalked to see what we look at, search for, buy so they can send us even more adverts grrrr but it’s not just facebook

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(Christine E.) #5

We’re definitely stalked by Facebook! And now it’s pretending to be our friend so we’ll LOVE it. Well, it can’t fool me by sending me flowers!..

(Samantha Stanley) #6

They only send you flowers when they’ve done something. Every girl knows that…

Sam x

(Melanie Commins) #7

Take the word creepy out of the title and that about sums it up really :smile:

(Sarah Lambert) #8

I never get told to have a nice day by Facebook :cry: mind you I rarely look at my page.

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(Helen Healey) #9

Yes they have become quite “creepy”. I’ve noticed that they’ve started bombarding me with “memories” of my previous posts and telling me how they care about my memories and asking if I want to share them again? NO!!! Why on Earth would people want to hear about my old news all over again?! I don’t post much on my personal page anyway so I certainly don’t want to be posting stuff twice. :laughing:

(Rachel) #10

Here here from me too - well ranted :smile:

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(Elaine) #11

Yes, I saw something similar yesterday too - bit strange. As a matter of interest, I’ve noticed now, when liking a business page, they you can’t add it to any lists that you’d previously set up (I used to have pages for crafting, horses, personal etc.). Any idea where they’ve gone - it was a very helpful way of just viewing what you wanted to view at that particular time.


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(Liz Clark) #12

I can still do that. Under “Interests” on the left hand side I have “Handmade/Craft” underneath it. If I click on that, it takes me to the list and I can add to this list using the box with suggestions on the right hand side.

(Elaine) #13

Thank you Liz, I’ll take a look :+1:

(Oh Button Me) #14

Haha this did make me laugh I really dislike Facebook I only go on there for a nosey. :blush:

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