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Facebook message may be a scam

I have had a message on facebook to say i have violated their terms and conditions and my account will be suspended if i did not update my account, when going to the message it was blocked by norton security i am certain this is a scam in case anyone else receives a message like this on facebook


Thanks for the heads-up! It certainly sounds very suspicious…

Sam x

Thanks for the warning :slight_smile:

It does the rounds every now & again :angry: If you receive anything from PayPal or Facebook of this nature the best thing to do if you’re unsure is firstly check your email to see if they’ve sent a message through that (I had a log-in problem with Facebook a few months ago and they emailed to make sure it was me logging in) or to log-in seperately using your usual log-in method, if there’s anything wrong with your account there will be a message waiting for you.

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