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Paypal email

(Diane Keeble) #1

I have had an email supposedly from paypal saying my account access has been limited because they believe it has been accessed by a third party and click here to restore. I have logged into my account and it looks ok. Is this a scam?

(Rachel) #2

I don’t know if its a scam or not but Paypal are very helpful if you ring them? Rachel

(Brenda Cumming) #3

yes ring them…they are brilliant.

(Sue Mellem) #4

I’ve had a couple like that recently, and they tend not to address you by name which is a bit of a give away that it’s a scam.

Don’t click on the link, just delete the email then log into you PayPal account separately and if there are any notifications from them you will see them on your account.

There is an email address at PayPal that you can forward any scam emails to before deleting - if you goggle ‘PayPal scam’ the address should come up

(Helen McCartney Designs) #5

Hope this helps.

(Diane Keeble) #6

Thank you, I am pretty sure it’s a scam as they don’t use my name and my account looks fine.

(Donna) #7

It definitely a phishing email,I’ve had several recently. You can tell by the way they don’t use your name and if you click on the senders address it’s usually a random collection of words with paypal in there somewhere which is how they get passed your spam filters, just flag is and send it to you spam folder.

(Helen Smith) #8

If you forward it to they will look into it.

(Rachel) #9

Thats really handy to know, thank you for sharing. Rachel

(Eileens Craft Studio) #10

As above I’ve had a few of those and I simply forward to

As yes it is a scam.

(Tanith Rouse) #11

I’ve had them too and sent them to Paypal to investigate, they said it was a scam.

(Nobias Art) #12

Yep, definitely is a scam. They are so clever nowadays, put the paypal logo and everything you need to see to trust them, but once you click on the sender, it shows they email address and usually you’ll find a very random personal one, nothing to do with paypal. SO be aware of those:)

(Jo Sara) #13

You can usually tell at a glance of the email address it’s come from because it’s usually someone’s name, or a load of letters and numbers, or the mildly clever ones add Paypal in but have to add other words to make a valid email address, like the one I had this morning from It just looks not right. And I’m pretty sure Paypal wouldn’t offer to ‘click here to restore your account’ as an option, I would hope they’d ask you to contact them. And even then I’d only do that if you’re logged into actual Paypal. There’s some crafty whatnots out there.

(Roz) #14

Never click on a link in an email - unless its one you are specifically expecting - most are scams and any that are important will message you through the associated website and address you by name.

( Valerie Dockerty) #15

I had the same email a couple of weeks ago I phoned paypal and it was a scam they said they never send an email with a link on the page and they never sent the email
Looks like the same scam I had

(Marg) #16

It might be a good idea to change your passwords for paypal, just in case. Marg.

(Heidi Meier) #17

I would also run your antivirus software on your PC as well changing your passwords as clicking the link may inadvertently caused some malware to be installed on your pc. Do a full scan and it will tell you if there are any hidden nasties.

(Diane Keeble) #18

Fortunately I didn’t click on any links - hubby has taught me to be suspicious :slight_smile:

(Jo Sara) #19

If I changed my password every time I got a dodgy Paypal email, I’d run out of words in the English language. I’m on my second one today. This time it’s as the email address, so I can see how someone who doesn’t realise about these scams might be taken in, but all this download this form to sort out your account stuff should be the big warning. No reputable firm would ask you to download anything in a random email.

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #20

This is from Paypal when i reported an email a while ago-
You’ll know that an email is not from PayPal when:

 - The email uses a generic greeting like 'Dear user' or 'Hello, 

PayPal member.’ We always address you by your first name and last name
or the business name on your PayPal account.
- The email requests financial and other personal information. For
example, an email from PayPal never asks for the numbers of your bank
account, debit or credit card, or driver’s license. We also don’t
request your email addresses, your full name, your account password, or
the answers to your PayPal security questions.
- The email includes an attachment, a software update to install on
your computer, or a hyperlink.