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Facebook worry bit concerned

as I’ve just received an email from Facebook saying, “Somebody requested a new password for your facebook account”

Why would anyone want to gain access to my facebook account and who are they :open_mouth:

Not being funny but it probably a scam in itself for someone to try get details. Ignore the link, change password yourself and contact facebook direct through your profile somewhere should be contact details for help. Ignore the email details as it may be fake.


There’s no way I’ll be clicking any links or changing my password either.

I know which facebook account it was requested for it’s an old facebook account a friend sent up for me as a suprise with one of my other email addresses. I don’t use it and have tried to delete it. So at least it’s not the one I use or the one that has my buisness account attached to.

I would say it’s a scam too. You wouldn’t send a password change request without asking for a reminder first. And if they’ve mistyped their own page address and got your one instead, you would be receiving the reminder as it’s your email attached to the page. Or you should even have received the very first email from Facebook saying ‘Get back into Facebook’ which you get the first time you enter a password wrongly on a page. So that doesn’t sound right at all that they’ve just skipped to changing the password without trying any of the other first. Phishing scam.


It’s the very same email I got when I did request a new password last year when I forgot my password.

Right I’ve just found out what’s it’s all about, I’ve just been talking to a friend who’s 15year had the same problem. It’s a form of online bullying/harassement.

Bascially its done in the main by bullying kids who do this so the account holder is bombarded with facebook emails

My friends daughter got loads of these emails after she had a run in with some bully, and the bully started searching for her online and found her on facebook.

I guess my old account name which isn’t my real name is also the name of some poor kid. :frowning:

I guess I’ll be getting a few more of them I’ll just delete them.

Eileen, I received that email too, I don’t have a Facebook account lol :expressionless: I have also in the past received the same sort of email for twitter and don’t have an account there either :grimacing:

Had another one this morning :frowning:

Report it to Facebook (by phone if it’s easier) whether it’s a scam or just some obnoxious bully it needs sorting out and the perpetrators banning.