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Facebook what a carry on!

(Amberlilly) #1

I have 2 Facebook pages, one for my Handmade and one for my pet service. Funny, my pet service has 579 likes, hilarious, I’ve been spammed with a reach of 6 and my Handmade page has 217 with a reach of 65. Neither are good, which kind of makes you wonder about it all Lol!! My pet service brings in my living. The page was an after thought, do I need either??? No, not really! Keep meaning to shut them both down. Gone through the process a few times!

(Karen Ellam) #2

My reach on my Facebook page is dire. Sometimes I feel like I’m chatting away to myself :blush:
I suppose it’s facebooks way of getting us all to pay out for promotion.
Im not really in a position to do that so for now I just keep trying.
I do enjoy posting on my page as its abit like a diary and I can show work in progress. I just wish I could find page likers who would interact abit more, but then again maybe they aren’t seeing my posts due to facebooks tight leash :wink:


(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #3

You’re not alone :slight_smile: i think most of us have felt it today, i felt like posting a few swear words to see if i could get some reaction lol, lets hope for a better tomorrow :smile:

(Rachel) #4

I have liked a few pages of folksy makers on facebook and yet I dont see your posts on my newsfeeds. However Karen @karenscraftybitz I do get your pictures on instagram. I wonder why I dont see your chat?

(Karen Ellam) #5

I don’t think I will ever understand Facebooks post reach. It’s constantly changing.


(Karen Ellam) #6

Hi Rachel @Glehcar

I don’t tend to use Instagram the same as Facebook.
On Instagram I post a few works in progress and new listings, which is what you may see on the feed.

I put more effort into my Facebook page… Maybe I’ve just answered my own conundrum… Less time on Facebook and more on Instagram.

Karen :grinning:

(Amberlilly) #7

I don’t think we are supposed to understand it @karenscraftybitz Lol! You are not alone. You know, I have loads of stuff that come up in my feed, and I just wonder who decided to choose not to reciprocate, at least with Instagram you can see who plays dirty! I much prefer IG, but you need to be more selective with your posting as people will unfollow. I have a few in my feed who spam and its really annoying!

(Rachel) #8

@Amberlilly you have just popped up on my IG news feeds with a pair of earrings :smile:

(Jennifer Combes) #9

I’m considering divorcing facebook! If you pay for boots its got a huge reach but free wise - I would at least expect people who like your page to get your posts but it doesn’t!

I joined Twitter a couple of weeks ago and didn’t understand it but now I love it! I’ve networked so much more.

(Amberlilly) #10

Lol! That was 6 days ago!!:joy: x

(Rachel) #11

Oh but I am new to IG so maybe I am just catching up - :frowning:

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #12

The most important thing with a FB page is to build up genuine likes from people who will interact with your posts - there is absolutely no point in swapping likes or joining ‘like ladders’ etc - all that will get you is a high number of likes on your page with little or no interaction from the people who have ‘liked’.

Let’s face it, none of us want our newsfeed clogged up with things we really aren’t interested in seeing, so if we like someone else’s page just to do them a favour and get their number up, we’re not likely to interact with their posts, and the same applies to people who have liked your page just to help get your numbers up - they won’t go out of their way to ‘like’ your posts, let alone comment on them.

Building your likes slowly and steadily is the way to go. The occasional paid for ‘boost’ to a specific audience works well (about once every 3 months for me, max budget £2) - that way you can reach new people who will be particularly interested in what you do.

And remember, if you have likes someone else’s page because you really like their work, make sure you visit it once in a while (not all of their posts will show in your newsfeed, even if you interact) - make the effort to comment on their posts, as this will make them show up more in your newsfeed, and if you really, really like something, share it with your friends.

(Anita Rose Designs) #13

My sisters interact with my page regularly but my posts often pop up in their feed its only because I have told them there is a post they come and find it! I think FB is hormonal and goes off in huffs and stops anyone knowing you are there.
I find joining groups and sharing work can help at times and I have new likes from there when people find you and genuinely like your page.
I tweet a lot and have fun in all these #hours even winning promotion but alas it has not translated into any more visits to my shop and my shelves are getting dusty.
Good advice Sara @DandelionsGallery I might try a small boost to try and draw new blood in.

(Ali Millard) #14

Great advice @DandelionsGallery I would also advise to mix your FB posts up, so that they are interesting and engaging. Tell the story behind your business and products, share information that might be interesting to your likers, share other people’s posts etc. don’t just post pictures of your products.

(Karen Ellam) #15

I guess it just takes time to build up a good, strong online presence no matter which platforms we use.

Each year I do notice the little snowball which is Karenscraftybitz, has gathered a few much inches. Things are happening, but it’s very gradual…
That’s why when I see new shops pop up and they can’t understand why sales aren’t piling in, it’s so important to realise that this is a trip which will need determination, bag loads of patience and the ability to keep our chins up and carry on because it’s what we are so very passionate about doing.

This is my third year now, and I’ve proved to myself that sales can happen. I only sell via Folksy at the moment, and I know in my heart I need to think about spreading my wings to other avenues, but I really love it here. The forums are really supportive and the staff helpful and friendly.

Sara @DandelionsGallery your shop is amazing and I’m sure it’s taken a while to build up what you’ve achieved and have a steady flow of returning customers. It’s what we are all striving for so it’s very inspirational. :smiley:

Right… Well that message ended up longer than I thought lol. Off to make a brew.

Have a fab day folks

Karen :smiley: :coffee:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #16

I don’t like facebook myself and I can never find the pages I’ve liked ever again. My newsfeed is filled with video’s and adverts for big companies that I’d never buy from and ebay adverts for things I’ve already bought so are not going to buy again.

When I do occasionally see a post from someone I like I make of point of at least liking if not making a comment.

Today on my business page it has failed to show the photo in my link, which is very annoying. I don’t simply post links I do ‘other’ posts as well. But it’s not as good as my google+ where I’m always getting comments and shares and +1’s.

(Samantha Stanley) #17

I only have a small point to add to this discussion-the best advice is Sara’s post! The chap that writes a page I follow on FB recently had his comments function turned off by FB because he tagged a page follower in one of his replies. Apparently this is against the rules. With FB you have to be so careful not to do things that trigger their algorithms, like mention the words “shop” “Sale” “sell” “buy” (to name but a few), to put in links to your Folksy page in the post (put it in the comments), or use the characters £ or $ because that will restrict your reach.

Love Sam x

(Joy Salt) #18

I always upload a photo directly and put the link in the first comment to my listings on here.
I Never post links in the main post.
I never use ‘commercial’ words - sell sale shop £ in the main post
I often share other people’s posts and other things which catch my eye / amuse.
I try to keep my page as interesting as possible so it isn’t just a page full of my glass and nothing else.
It seems to work reasonably well.
I have 1624 (correction - now 1625 :slight_smile: ) likes - which I’ve built up over a few years - and my reach this week is 2398 so I must be doing something right.
Reach on indiviidual posts varies but it Always improved if I get likes and even better comments.

A post from yesterday where I added a photo of my Tiny Box company boxes and some of my pendants and earrings now has a reach of 683 as I tagged the box company in it and they shared it and lovely Dottie of British Crafters also shared it.

So in summary, yes I have a good reach and number of page likers but I work for it.

(Carol Webb) #19

Hi Joy @JOYSofGLASS just a question…on your FB page you have a blue ‘shop now’ box on the top left of your page. I have seen this on several pages and would like to put it on my FB page but i can’t work out how to do it. I just bimble along with FB and need to work harder at it, so any help is gratefully recieved.
Thank you :smile:

(Jan Ryan) #20

Hi Carol, you should have a ‘call to action’ button, if you do then click on that and choose the ‘shop now’ option, that will allow you to add your shop url into a box. :slight_smile: