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Facebook Share Requests

I had a request, via a Facebook message to my Joysofglass page today to do a reciprocal page share.

This was my response. Wonder what you think, did I do respond correctly. ?
PS: In the first instance I should probably not have done the share at all but my daughter has 2 beloved dogs and might well be interested in a portrait of them so I found a picture I especailly liked and shared it (not the page).

> Lisa _
> 22 February 13:03
> Hi would you mind please sharing my pet portrait page. I will share yours in return. It is Thank you very much, Lisa

> 22 February 12:32
> Lisa
> I’ve shared one of your lovely dogs. I don’t ‘do’ share swopping but as your dog is so lovely I’ve broken my own rule and shared him. xx

**> Lisa **
> 22 February 14:23
> Thanks so much I will share your soon when on my laptop, not great on the Mobile version. Can I ask why you dont normally do shares? Its the only thing I can think of to keep spreading the word. Do you do this in other ways? Any tips? Thanks again xx

> 22 February 15:52
**> I do do shares I just don’t do them when asked like this. I have quite enough messages and notifications to handle as well as actually making and selling my glass that I tend to regard any requests which come in like this as spam. **
_**> I do do shares but I do them openly, not in ‘secret’ like this. If I see something I like then I ‘Like’ it, comment on it and if nice enough I share it. I do this without any expectation of a reciprocal agreement. That is the only acceptable way to share. :slight_smile:


I agree with what you said. I would not appreciate a private message asking me to share.
Instead, if this person were to share something of mine on her page I would most likely visit her page and share something in return, but only if I actually liked something…surely that is the point?


Almost as bad as this message I received a few months ago. As you can probably tell from my reply, I wasn’t impressed :blush:


Yes she didn’t seem to have quite ‘got it’ but to be absolutely fair I think she was just doing her best and probably hadn’t got such a handy spot as this forum to get advice.
@Knittingtopia Knittingtopia - great response.

I shared something, a cushion, the other day and someone tagged someone else in the comment obviously wanting them to make one for them and that second person then said “I’ll try to find the fabric”. I hid those comments pretty smartish - not having that sort of behaviour on my page. !!

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I hate it when someone comes along , likes my fb page and then leaves me a message saying they have liked my page and would I do the same. Duh ! No . I don’t even look at their page

I feel a little mean but I only like pages I really like and I only want people who really like my page to like it. What’s the point of getting likes from people that don’t really like your stuff.

If I want to get “empty” likes, there’s a group for that. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Tbh, I don’t get much business via facebook anyway…

Empty likes actually damage your reach. You want people who will interact with your page.


Yeah I don’t understand likes if you don’t genuinely like it because you’re never going to be a customer and are probably never going to share anything or like anything they post anyway.
To be honest- if I’d have gotten a private message like that I probably wouldn’t have even replied. Haha I think it’s pretty cheeky.

She caught me having a generous, procrastinating playing on Facebook instead of glass grinding moment ! I have been known to block others making similar requests.

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