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Facebook sharing?

(Kimberley Medhurst) #1

do people still use Facebook for promoting there business? im hoping to meet my next milestone of 200 likes, just need 23 more to get there, anyone wanna give me a click?

might have to copy and paste the link or type in createfuls in Facebook ‘createfuls-sewing& gifts’

thank you xoxox

(Terri Rose) #2

Done :slight_smile: mine is I’ve just past my 100 likes milestone :slight_smile:

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(Kimberley Medhurst) #3

thank you, just liked you back too, cute bags :slight_smile:

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(Rachel) #4

Liked both of your pages, 200 likes is really good - long way for me to go yet but I am at


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(Stephanie Guy) #5

Liked yours, here’s mine - but please only like it if you really do like and want to follow, as empty likes are detrimental to the reach.

(Sarah Bell) #6

Ooh, some lovely pages :slight_smile:
Wow @StephanieGuy those teeny paintings are amazing!

If anyone would like to take a look at mine please do:

(Stephanie Guy) #7

Thank you Sarah, they’re super cute to paint :slight_smile:

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(Debbi) #8

Hi there! facebook is great for page sharing…i have made lots of friends…boosted my page and had sales through it :slight_smile: so yes i would recommend it :wink:

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(Sarah Bell) #9

It’s 'cause your page it lovely @FairyWillowCottage I need to start making a want list for Yule!

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(Eskdale Gifts) #10

I’ll be liking all your pages that I’m sure are great :smiley: I’ve not long started my Facebook page but the likes are starting to trickle through, I’d love it if you could return my likes and let me now what you think of my page :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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(Brenda Cumming) #11

I go and do some likes tomorrow…busy now…

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(Louise Jay) #12

Hi. I have liked your pages :slight_smile:

My page is

(Debbi) #13

Thank you Sarah xx

(Debbi) #14

Just liked your lovely page xx

(Eskdale Gifts) #15

Thank you to all who have liked my page, your kindness is much appreciated xXx

(HobBeads) #16

Her is a lot of amazing handmade jobs… They are all beautiful… Maybe somebody will like mine too…
Thank you for looking :smile:

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(Stephanie Short) #17

Anyone feel free!

Steph :wink:

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(Astrid Huxham ) #18

yes depending on what you sell it might work or might not.

(Debbi) #19

Hi! your jewellery is gorgeous…but i can’t like your page :frowning: as its set up as a group not as a page :frowning:

(Missy Mac Glass) #20

Lovely to find some new pages to follow. My news feed will be filled with creativity now!

If you like fused glass and jewellery come find me at: