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New Facebook likes

(Claire Dolan) #1

Sorry to start yet another Facebook liking thread but I am one off being able to see my insights so would love it if someone could come along & like me. Pretty Please!

Anyone else wants to join in I will happily take a look at your page.

(Hazel Rayfield) #2

You have your next like :smile:

I love all things wax :slight_smile:

This is my page

(Claire Dolan) #3

Woohoo thank you @HazelRayfield

(Pauline Hayward) #4

A new like from me too.

(Anita Rose Designs) #5

A new like from me too :smile:

(Stitchingarainbow) #6

And another from me :blush:
let me just say that the likes are not enough, we need comments under posts to get the posts more visible…

(Caroline) #7

I’ve just liked you all and I’ll write comments under new posts to help boost.

(Karen Ellam) #8

I’ve liked too & commented. :smiley:


(Angela Harpham) #9

Yes I will do and maybe you can like mine too as I am just 19 off 100.

(Angela Harpham) #10

Have liked your lovely page.

(Jane Paveley) #11

Hi all,
I am liking and commenting :grinning:
My Facebook page is

(Elibee Designs) #12

I am going to look at the pages listed.Here is mine:-)

(Kate Turner) #13

Liked you from
Kate’sKorner on fb

(Charlotte Brimstone) #14

I find it so hard to get Facebook likes. People are very very specific with what they want showing up on their newsfeed which is understandable.

If you love surf and fashion, hopefully I’ll post some topics of interest!

(Caroline) #15

I just liked your page Charlotte but it needs more of your clothes on!

(Charlotte Brimstone) #16

Aww thanks bobbles blankets. I know it does but unfortunately I work full time and only have a few hours in the evenings to make t-shirts, new designs, marketing, organising finances. Just don’t have the time yet!

(Louise Stossich) #17

Morning - loving the mutual love through facebook so off to like a few more clever people - if you are happy to return the love head to Thank you!!

(Helenbrady4) #18

Hi Claire, have liked your page. please like mine back, I only set it up a few days ago so am just getting it off the ground.

(Helenbrady4) #19

Hi! gave you a facebook like. could u like mine too :slight_smile:

(Leathermeister) #20

Hi, I have been stuck on 28 likes for months now and would love to receive some new ones.

Am going to go and liking of my own.