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Faster way to tweet

(Jennifer Combes) #1

Hi So I have really warmed to twitter which has surprised me ! But…Please tell me there is an easier way to bulk upload picture tweets and schedule them?

I have been using hootsuite but it I still have to upload and schedule all my tweets if I want to use photos, is anyone using an easier less time consuming way?

Many thanks


(Amberlilly) #2

I wish i knew too. On the other side, when i tweet, the photo uploads too, but on here it doesnt???

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(Susan Bonnar) #3

You can use Buffer which holds up to 10 picture tweets.

Personally I post to Twitter with photo.

Copy and amend tweet 10 times into Buffer with photo.

Carry on amending tweet into Twuffer.

Hope that helps - it works well and you do get quicker the more you do!

I love Twitter.

Actually maybe that’s something for the @folksycontent people to look at as it is good “over there” that your tweet automatically tweets the photo. Could we have that via Folksy too maybe…please?!

(Jennifer Combes) #4

thanks I will try that out :slight_smile:

(ApplewoodStudios) #5

I use There’s a free option and if you wish you can upgrade for a small amount each month. The bulk scheduling is really easy. You type it all in once and add the photo. Then pick the time and click schedule. Once you’ve seen the confirmation box you can change the date and time whilst leaving everything else the same. Then click schedule. You repeat this as many times as you like, so only changing the date/time and perhaps profile means no extra wording or media uploads. It’s worth having a look as it’s free for the basic service. Then they are hoping that you’ll subscribe for the better service, which I think is about $8 a month (£6). I use it to post to Facebook and Twitter.