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Tweeting on Twitter

Does anyone know if you can schedule posts on Twitter like you can on Facebook. Trying to organise my social media for 2017!!

Yes you can! You have to use an external source - lots use Hootsuite, I use Buffer and also Twuffer :slight_smile:

Thanks Susan are any of these free do you know?

They are both free for the basic accounts with limited allowances. I actually pay for Buffer for British Crafters as it allows me to schedule ahead multiple posts with photos attached. You can get 10 images free to schedule ahead but I just need the volume. It also gives analytics on the tweets which is very useful.

Twuffer is free and you get a limited number you can attach photos to. With me marketing both Folksy & Etsy shops I found the reaction/interaction on the Etsy shops much higher but for some reason their URL’s when tweeted generate a photo with it. Folksy’s don’t and when I subscribed to Buffer to channel the Folksy tweets through there (with photos) the uptake/sales/interaction increased dramatically!

I think Hootsuite is free but I wasn’t keen on it when I used it!

Hope this makes sense!

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Thanks Susan that’s all really helpful - much appreciated x

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No worries :slight_smile:

Signed up to Buffer today. I love it!
Thanks so much for the advice