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Twitter schedulers - recommendation

Hi all,

For the last few yrs I have used Twuffer - mainly for free but with the occasional donation.

Well it had to happen but now they want you to pay for using it - although you can have 50 free scheduled tweets (A MONTH hahaha ) .

Now I quite understand them doing this but does anyone have any other recommendations for a free scheduler ?


This is more for instagram, but your posts can be shared to Twitter and also Facebook with this scheduler. I use Gramblr ( Technical whizz kid Husband set me up with that ).

I upload my photos onto my computer and schedule the post to whenever I want, add relevant hashtags and then when it goes live to instagram, I can share straight to my twitter and facebook pages from my phone.
You can also change the wording and amount of # you want for both fb and twitter so it’s more appropriate for those posts before sharing them.

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I don’t do Instagram but it is on my ‘to do’ list so this is really useful THANKS

You really should give it a go Dawn. Your work would go down a treat on there with the right hashtags to get them seen.

I’ve always struggled with twitter. I have tried, but have struggled with it since I started. Much prefer instagram : )


I use hootsuite. You can ‘auto schedule’ 10 tweets a day where they choose what time your tweet will be sent but you can schedule as many tweets as you wish. There are paid options too but I only use the free version.

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