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Fault in item

(Helen Dale) #1

I was just about to list this bag, when I noticed a fault I hadn’t seen before. It was quite early on in the construction and I can’t really see how I can fix with almost unpicking the whole thing.

So, what do you think I should do? Unpick it and start again or offer as a giveaway on my Facebook page?

(Little Black Heart) #2

still looks beautiful to me! - why not sell it, but offer it at a reduced price?

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I wouldn’t unpick it. You could offer it as a reduced price item as it’s not perfect, but probably most people wouldn’t even notice the fault. You could show a close up of the fault so buyers could make their mind up?

(Ellie Chiswell) #4

Time is money. Why spend it unpicking something that still looks beautiful and works?

I agree with the above comments, put it up for sale at a reduced price and outline the fault so the customer can make their mind up. I don’t think you’ll have any problem selling it at all!

(Gracie22) #5

I would sell it as reduced price and point out the fault, it is too beautiful to take apart :slight_smile:

(Shirley Woosey) #6

Sell it at reduced price Helen @HandbagsbyHelen.
I’ve done that before with something I had made and then noticed a mark on the fabric.
Some one will jump at a bargain.
Don’t waste time unpicking it.

Shirley x

(Minerva) #7

I would either offer it at a reduced price, explain and show the fault. Some people won’t mind as long as they know upfront.

Or I would keep it for myself. :smile:

(Pauline Hayward) #8

I would offer it at reduced price too and just point out it has a slight fault in it. Maybe even put a label on it pointing it out.

(Helen Dale) #9

Doh! You’re all giving the same advice - and I know I should take it - but the perfectionist in me is fighting back!!!

(Minerva) #10

Yeah, that’s me too. I have kept a few things for me…nothing wrong with that! :blush:

(Christine Shephard) #11

It can’t be that obvious if you didn’t notice it until the end, but I know how annoying it is when you do notice it - it’s the only thing you can see after that! But most people probably wouldn’t see it or worry about it, unless you pointed it out to them.

Keep it for yourself, or give it away to a friend/family as a gift - you’ll never be happy selling it if it bothers you so much…I’ve been there! :smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #12

I would first consider is it a construction fault that will mean the bag has lost it’s structural integrity ie will it rip or fall apart if you leave it.

If so then you’ll need to remedy it,


If it’s simply superficial and could be viewed as one of the charms of harm made I’d leave it well alone.

As said by many you could show the flaw and offer it at a reduced price.

(Ellie Chiswell) #13

I’ve had this same problem with one of my products. If I know the fault is there then sometimes I just cant bring myself to sell it on!

If it’s bothering you that much I found that if I just put the particular item to one side and carried on with other orders, then went back to it later I would know what to do with it. I ended up taking one of my scarves on holiday with me to unravel and knit again so I could finally list it in my shop! Another time this happened I was too busy to spend time picking it apart and re-workng it, so I kept it for myself!

Sometimes you just have to wrestle with the perfectionist within. I hope we’ve helped you!

(Helen Dale) #14

I think you’re right. I’ll sleep on it and see how I feel about it tomorrow!

(Kim Blythe) #15

Is it something you could hide, with a bit of ribbon, or a bow, button or appliqué?


(Liz Clark) #16

@HandbagsbyHelen you do know we’re all now pouring over the photo trying to find the fault :slight_smile: x

(Linda Wild) #17

I would say sell it Helen @HandbagsbyHelen, but then again I’m no better. I’ve got a silk bag that’s been sitting in a box for a couple of years because I got glue on the lining when I was glueing it into the frame - @ciesse :wink: Every now and then I think about selling it but haven’t done so.


(Helen Dale) #18

I think I’ve decided I’m going to try a fix! Hee, hee - that’s amusing @BigBirdLittleBird. Kind of like a game of spot the difference - maybe I’ll post a before and after once it’s fixed!
Thank you everyone for being so lovely and supportive.

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #19

Liz is right!!! Lol! I’m trying to see what is wrong with it!! I TOTALLY understand your dilemma thought! It is terrible when you are a perfectionist! Your first instinct is to take it apart!! I agree with all the Lovelies here though! ; Reduce or Give Away and be everyone’s best friend for a week!! Lol!..It is gorgeous BTW! Mx

(Fiona Thomson) #20

@HandbagsbyHelen i seem to remember you being only too happy to buy one of my fails that i’d deemed too awful and “ruined” to even complete.
and then you being all “i can’t even see what’s wrong with this” :wink:

now, put us all out of our misery and tell us what is the “fault” with this gorgeous bag??!