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Not 100% happy with item

(Roz) #1

I have recently made an item which whilst functionally sound and well made has not turned out artistically as I had envisaged so I am not 100% happy with it. The question is should I list it at the normal price and hope that someone likes it and buys it, list it at a reduced price with the risk of it appearing to be sub standard or just accept it as a failure and start again. What do others do in these circumstances?

(Witty Dawn) #2

In instances like this I list the occasional item as a second or a prototype design - specifying what it is about it that has caused me to do so and I charge a bit less. Very occasionally I will take it apart and rework or it goes into the ‘bargain box’ when I do fairs.

(Julie) #3

If it’s not substandard in terms of quality then certainly don’t make it appear so - you’re not happy with it yourself but somebody else may just love it! Could list it as “This week’s special” or something of the sort, at a lower than normal price, in the hope of moving it on quickly.


(Jo Sara) #4

As long as it’s made as well as your other items, I’d list it at full price. I sometimes make new things that when they’re finished I don’t think work as well as I thought they would in my head. As long as it’s made the same as my other things, I will list it at full price though because my taste isnt everyone’s taste. There’s probably someone that will love what you’ve made even if you don’t.

Jo :smile:

(Leathermeister) #5

@Rozcraftz list it as normal, If like you say its well made with no flaws there is no reason not to, if after a time there is no buyer then reduce it. Artistically it will never be 100% in your eyes but it may be in someone elses.

(Christine Shephard) #6

I agree with @NightOwlCreative - if it is as well-made as your usual items and it’s just the ‘artistic’ element that you’re not happy about, list it anyway and see what others think. I often find that the items I’m least happy with artistically sell better than the others!

(Jo Sara) #7

I should add, if I really don’t like the item when it’s finished, and I don’t really want it hanging around in my shops I’ll offer it on Facebook at a reduced price. I tell them that my reason is I don’t like how it’s come out, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Someone usually comes along and snaps it up. Win, win :smile:

So, it’s the degree of dislike of the finished item that dictates where it ends up for me.

(Thats Sew Chic) #8

Though you might not like the item as it is not how you intended it doesn’t mean someone else will think that. I personally would upload it and sell it for what you would want for it. X

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

In the past I’ve made things but then it’s not to my tastes so I’ve wondered if anyone else would like it enough to buy it.

But a very wise lady told me not everyone likes the same thing as you do take it to your next craft fair and put it up on a box to show it off.

I took that advice and it was the very first thing I sold at that craft fair.

So now I am not so worried about things not always being to my own tastes anymore.

Go for it you’ll never know who will like what.

(Roz) #10

Thanks all, you’ve given me the confidence just to go ahead and list it. Think I might try it at a craft fair first and then list it if it doesn’t sell. Wont say when or you’ll all be looking out for it!


(Julie) #11

LOL Roz! You know you have us all agog now to see what it is. :smiley: