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Favouriting a topic in the Forum

I used to be able to “star” a thread on this forum and then search for my starred threads - very useful to keep threads you are participating in or following close at hand. A few days ago this changed to bookmarking but now although I can see which threads I’ve bookmarked I cannot seem to be able to bookmark any more nor can I select just my bookmarked threads to view. Am I being silly or has it all changed?

Edit: I have just found out where to bookmark it but still not how to view just bookmarked threads :slight_smile:

I’m with you, Roz, the starred button at the top of the page was very useful and as far as I can see they have just done away with it. Perhaps we could start a campaign to bring it back? @sianfolksy

Glad its not just me having a senior day!

I’ve been trying to find it too Roz. I’ll join you campaign Liz lol :smile:

You now have a button called Bookmark at the bottom and that will do it, I think anyway.

Yes Pauline @PaulinesCrafts, you can bookmark a thread but I don’t know how you can display just your bookmarked threads.

Oh sorry I thought that was how you did it. Not sure then.

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This had me puzzled too but I’ve just clicked on my avatar and there’s a link there to click which then lists all your bookmarks and gives you the option to ‘unbookmark’ them. Must admit it was easier when they were ‘starred’ and accessible from the top of the page but that’s progress I suppose :confused:

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Thanks Diane @DeesDesigns thats brilliant - not quite as easy and I’ll probably forget how to get to it but at least it is possible :smile:

Diane, I’ve clicked on my avatar and no links to bookmarks came up - what am I doing wrong?

Liz @lizdyson when you click on yor avatar, top right hand corner, you should get list of options, profile, messages, bookmarks etc

Thanks, Roz, I was clicking on the wrong picture (ie the one on the forum post not the one at the top). I’ve found them now - what a long way round.

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Not sure, are you clicking on the one at the top right of the page? (near the speech bubble and magnifying glass) I found it by chance as I clicked on there to log out.

I agree Liz @lizdyson, a bit laborious, not sure I’ll be using it as much as I did.

And why can’t the bookmark be yellow, so that it stands out more?


Sorry for the necro… I really like the bookmarks tab: this can be enabled by default in the toolbar by admins here like @sianfolksy or @dougfolksy if they wish :slight_smile:

(super secret tip, you can hit j and k and then b to bookmark / unbookmark a topic. )

didn’t even know you could bookmark topics, how does it work where is the bookmark tab. just clicked on the link @discourse and found I had 1 topic from months ago don’t know how I did it though.

just tried the jkb and it worked brilliant now I can follow a topic I am really interested in without the need to search for it each time.