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New Look forums

I notice the format of the forum has changed. Is there anyway now of getting to the top/bottom of a thread without scrolling all the way. Very frustrating.

Ignore that - would delete if I could. Just found out how!

@OrchardFelts hasn’t there always been a way to get to the top or bottom without scrolling through? Love the new look :blush:

OK…so HOW?..I know I am being dull…OK…so if I click an arrow it takes me to a reply and THEN I get the up and down arrows…confuses my poor old brain…aaargh…lol
This is like going into your favourite supermarket and everything has been moved…

Click on the arrow which ever way you’d like to go, you can also type in a number if you want to go half way!

you can just drag the wide bit on the blue line up and down

I see no arrow any more so would love to know how to get to the latest post

hi eileen - as the other said, you can just click on and drag the blue bar down to the right of the thread - works v. quickly.

or just click on the date at the top, or the date/minutes ago at the bottom or the slider bar (sorry, rubbish snapshot…)

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If you’re on a desktop you have the “home” button, takes you to top, and “end” button takes you to bottom, not sure for tablets though


aha…like a slide rule…I didn’t notice that…I KNEW someone would be more clever than me…lol…thanks

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Well, I must be very unobservant as I haven’t noticed any changes!


I really think the forums need to be tidied up. Years ago you used to have about 4 different categories, shop talk, sales, chit chat and I can’t remember the last one. So you could then pick a category you were interested in. Now I find them really messy and confusing, takes ages to search for anything and easily distracted.