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Featured items not showing

I noticed last night that the featured items in my shop are no longer there . They are still missing this morning. Is anyone else having this problem? I’ve checked in shopkeeping and the items are still ticked.

I don’t have featured items as I’m not a Plus Account member, is it something simple like your Plus Account is due for renewal?

That’s strange, Martine. I can see your featured items in your shop ok.

I never thought to check before adding my comment :disappointed: just looked and yes I can see them too :grinning:

Thanks folks. I’ve just looked and you’re right it’s reappeared - not sure what that was all about - some technical hitch I suppose. I didn’t realise you only got featured items if you were a plus account holder. It is due for renewal soon.

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No plus account holders do get to the featured item feature but they can only choose 3items.

While we plus account holders can have as many as we want which show up only 3 at a time in a random order.

So if you go to my page you’ll see 3 then if you refresh the page you’ll see 3 different ones.

Yesterday mine were not showing simply because my plus account needed renewing and I’d still got my 20+ featured items ticked. Had I only had 3 featured items ticked in my dashboard they would have stayed there.

Every shop can have 3 featured items ticked in their dashboard but only plus account holders can have as many as they wish.