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Fees for magazine features

Looking for some advice really.

A year ago I was asked to do a tutorial for a national magazine.
It was a four page feature and included full size pattern templates.
I was paid a fee for this, and everything was fine.

Today I have received an email from a sister magazine asking permission to re publish this tutorial in their magazine next month.
This time there is no mention of a fee.
So what I’m wondering is whether I an within my rights to ask for a fee, or just treat it as free publicity, and ask for a link to my Folksy shop?

Sarah x

If they are asking for your approval to re-use your feature then I’m sure that they expect to pay a fee. From my past experience it should be about 50/60% of the original fees agreed. So make sure of your position before you approve the request.
Although I am long since retired, I spent 50 years in the publishing industry from a pot-washer in a studio to a senior Art Director, so that’s my best advice.


I have patterns published in magazines and get paid for it. After a certain amount of time the rights return to me and I can then publish the pattern myself. The contract I signed stipulated this. So did you sign or at least get any paperwork at the time? This might help you decide what to do.

If it was me I would ask for a fee , maybe 50% of what you originally got, saying that you are presuming the rights are yours now. Just see what they say. They might not want or be able to pay so work out between you how you can benefit. Links to your web site or folksy shop might be the answer or maybe an interview or some sort of feature.


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Thank you!
It’s such a blurry line regarding reprints.

I’m pretty sure it was never mentioned in the original contract, the only thing that was stipulated was that I couldn’t have a similar thing published within four months, but definitely nothing about reprints within the same magazine company.

Sarah x

As someone who knows absolutely nothing about these things, my gut feeling would be that they should pay you a reduced fee for publishing your work again. And I love your Liberty mice! Best of luck with the mag. xxx

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Thank you!

Sarah x