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Magazines and payment

(Sarah Eves) #1

I’m just looking for some advice really.

A magazine approached me about writing a tutorial for their magazine way back in September.
I wrote the tutorial, made the item, provided the photos…it all went smoothly and appeared in the January issue, which was out at the end of November for subscribers, and in the shops the first week of December.

Payment was supposed to be made by the end of December.
We are now two weeks into January and I have still not received any payment, despite numerous emails querying this.

So what I wanted to know is - is this normal practise for magazines to be late/unorganised with payment?
(It’s a well know monthly publication)
And also how to proceed, as regards asking for an update on a payment date, as it all seems to have gone very quiet!

Sarah x

(Sasha Garrett) #2

When I was doing purchasing for a company payments were processed in batches and if we didn’t get the paper work to the accounts people in time to make that month’s batch of payments it would get rolled over into the next month’s batch. Christmas was always problematic as people would go away and paper work would build up on desks/ in inboxes. Have you contacted someone in the accounts department or have you been contacting the editor type person who was sorting out the tutorial? If possible get hold of the contact details for the accounts department and contact them directly including a copy of your invoice letting them know that payment is already 2 weeks over due and needs paying ASAP.

(Sarah Eves) #3

Thank you!
I’m only in contact with the editor, but she ‘‘looped’’ me in with the accounts department on an email on the 4th…
Then I was told that Christmas had fallen awkwardly but that it would be in the bank by the end of the week.
It never did make the bank and now another week has passed, with no replies to my email sent since.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

It’s time to ring up the reception and asked to be past through to the accounts department.

Give them 7 days to pay stating any further delay will incure a fine for late payment of invoice of 10%. Failure to comply will result in the debt being turned over to a debt collection agency. This will of course mean they’ll be paying for more to the debt collection agency while you get the full invoice payment. Debt collection agencies the proper ones don’t charge you they charge the debtor.

I’ve had to do this before a couple of times when my DH was a contractor and his invoices weren’t paid on time and all he got were excuses. Often just setting out what you intent to do will result in a cheque turning up very quickly ie :slight_smile:

(Helen Smith) #5

I have heard of this being a problem for people in the past with one or two magazines being shockingly bad… I’m sorry I can’t remember which they were so that’s not much help…

(Sarah Eves) #6

It’s just so frustrating - they had deadlines that I kept to, yet when it comes to payment there seems to be no such thing!

(Sarah Eves) #7

I’m hoping not to go down that route, but it is frustrating, particularly as it is - in theory - a straight forward bank transfer, so really there’s no excuse for the lateness/lack of reply to emails.